Peru vacation August 23 2014-3

Inca Trail – 4 days 3 nights

I had an incredible tour with this company. Everything was taken care of with impeccable detail. Our tour guides, Raul and Ruben were incredibly knowledgeable and considerate. Our tents and luggage were all set up upon arrival to our campsite after a long hike.
The Inca Trail is a wonderful way to see the scenery along with the additional ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 23 2014

Inca Trail 4days 3nights

Wow! Where do I start? First off this trip was highly recommended from a friend who did this last year. Setting aside the fact that the trek itself is full of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen, Raul and Ruben were beyond knowledgeable about the trail and history of the Incas which made the trip 100 times more enjoyable. ... Continue Reading

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Inca trail 4d 3n

This trek was awesome! It is safe to say it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. The views were stunning, the food delicious, the guides and porters absolutely wonderful and that was all before we even made it to Machu Picchu. My only regret is that it is already over.
I highly recommend this once ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 19 2014

IncaTrail 4 days / 3 nights

My experience on the Inca Trail was amazing and much more than I could have asked for.
Our guide was Raul from Inca Trail Reservations and Ruben was our second guide. They were both very intelligent and friendly, providing us all with historic information and making sure that we were feeling well (altitude sickness is not unusual on the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 19 2014-2

Inca Trail 4d 3n

My experience on the Inca Trail was outstanding. I was amazed at the service offered by the guides and porters. Our guide was friendly, professional, and encouraging. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
I will say that the trek was tougher than I expected, however our guide was very supportive and encouraging which enabled me to complete ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 21 2014-3

Inca Trail

Uma aventura fantastica com paisagens maravilhosas e com certeza uma experiencia inesquecivel algo que levarei para vida toda, superação, motivação, calma e fé com certeza foram os principais motivos para concluir meu objetivó nessa aventura. Parabens a toda equipe (guias, carregadores e cozinheiros).
Com certeza nao ha palavras que explique tamanha satisfacao em concluir algo que achava ser fácil ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 21 2014-2

Machu Picchu 5 estrelas

Foram 4 dias de muita aventura, vistas, paisagens que realmente valeram a pena. Tudo isso aliado a competencia e profissionalismo da equipe, guias atenciosos e sempre dispostos a ajudar no que for preciso. Os acampamentos, a comida e os porteadores tambem merecem os parabens.
No meu ponto de vista foi tudo perfeito , mesmo estando em condicoes adversas como, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 21 2014

Machu Picchu

From the moment we arrived in Cusco we were in contact with the Inca Trail Reservations, they were able to answer all our questions, which was a big help as it was our first trip to South America. The staff was very very accommodating. Our guides were experts in all Inca thing, they were easily able to answer all our ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 21 2014

Inca Trail

I had a fantastic experience - some truly great memories. The online booking process was very straightforward and the Inca Trail Reservations employees were always quick to respond to any queries or emails which I sent them.
When we arrived in Cusco we were contacted by the company to make sure that everything was in place and that we ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 21 2014

Machu Picchu trek

To begin, the porters, guides and hikers were all amazing. A big thank you to each and every one of them. Day one of the trek was reasonably simple, however day two was a killer. Seeing the porters fly past you and having the guides there to cheer and lead you on was absolutely amazing.
Our guide Gerson was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 21 2014-2

Inca Trail 4d / 3n

I had a fantastic 4 days! The guides were informative and always encouraging. I was told before the trip that the porters would be our heroes and they couldn't have been more right. It was inspiring to see them running past us down the mountain. We had such a great group, we bonded instantly and it was nice to experience ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 20 2014-9

An epic MP trek

Trekking to MP (Machu Picchu) along the Inca Trail was a tough journey which presented many challenges: sleep, physical, emotional & a need to examine ones sense of self.
My guide was a chico more than a guide - well versed, patient & warm at the same time very professional & astute with his trekkers.
The trek itself ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 20 2014-8


It started off with a pre dawn pick up in Cusco. As my brother and I waited in our recently purchased Peruvian attire we were herded into a local's taxi, at which point we were welcomed with a lovely smile from a local man and as we began to roll down the cobbled road he turned to us with a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 20 2014-9

Salkantay trek

This was the most spectacular adventure of my life. From the moment we left Cusco I knew I was in for quite a ride. With the help of my fantastic friend Americo, who also happened to be my guide, I was brought to the most beautiful parts of the world.
The trip to Soraypampa was a great way to ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 20 2014-4

Auf den Spuren der Inkas

Der Gedanke einmal den Machu Picchu zu sehen, hat mich schon lange verfolgt. Als die Idee reifte den Inka Trail zu laufen, haben mich alle fuer verrueckt erklaert. Ich selbst war mir nicht ganz sicher ob ich das schaffe. Jetzt bin ich zurueck und bin maechtig Stolz auf mich!
Der erste Tag war perfekt um warm zu werden. Am ... Continue Reading