Peru trip January 04 2015-10

Family trip

I did the Inca Trail with my family and it was quite an experience. Our guide Juan Carlos is extremely knowledgeable and allowed me to understand the history behind our journey to Machu Picchu. The food was amazingly delicious. I have to say I totally under estimated the Inca Trail. It was much more difficult than imagined.
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Machu Picchu vacation January 08 2015-2

The first adventure in Latin America

I have planned the Inca Trail trekking for one year during my sabbatical year. I searched many Inca Trail guide companies in all the world. Finally I decided Inca Trail Reservations in Peru. I think this was a good decision for my wife and me.
Kind help and best guidance, good equipment, everything is good. Especially I would like ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 08 2015

This, here, now

This is my fourth trail trekking this time, also really nice feather. It is unbelievable magnificent I can not explain, one moment I thought, who were the Inca people ? who were human ? what is the difference between old times and nowadays ?.
On third day I was ran out of energy I felt down by the way, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 04 2015-7

Best adventure

The first day we started the trail with a small hill and a nice view of the original Inca Trail. We ate an Andean dish for lunch called "estofado" and many side dishes. After lunch we walked for a little while and arrived at our camp. We set camp and ate our happy hour. Our happy hour was popcorn and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 08 2015-2

Inca Trail fun times

The Inca Trail was amazing ! While it was challenging - both mentally and physically, it was an incredible experience. The people in my group were incredibly nice, which made the trek easy as we fed on each others positivism.
Doing the Inca Trail made seeing / reaching Machu Pichu very rewarding - more than what it would have ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 04 2015-2

Me and my girls on the Inca Trail

My experience on the trail was great ! I completed the Inca Trail with my wife and my 12 year old daughter. We experienced the cold, heat, rain and the pain of being on the trail for four days.
During this time our guide, Juan Carlos, kept us motivated by showing / teaching us about the Incas. There was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 06 2015-11

Out of this world

I recently went on a 4 day expedition of the Inca Trail with Carlos (king of the mountain) and Ronny. It was unreal as both guides were out of this world. The first day was fairly easy as we walked through the beautiful scenery.
The second day was a struggle as we walked for hours to the peak. Eventually ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 06 2015-9

Strenuous but amazing

Absolutely amazing, scenery was to die, but very strenuous. Food was delicious. First day was a good warm up to day which was very very hard. The morning of day three killed my knees but the afternoon was a walk in the park... I should say walk in the rain forest !
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Peru trip January 09 2015-3

Thrilled and very much alive

We booked the two day tour knowing it would involve some hiking. Seven miles seemed doable for me, an overweight but active 51 year old. But these are mountain miles, and the path is made mainly of irregular stone steps. There were times when I could barely make it, but our guide, Americo, was extremely helpful, kind and patient, even ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 09 2015

Stairs. And more stairs !

When my mom suggested we go on the Inca Trail / Machu Picchu I wasn't expecting this much of an adventure. As a "typical American" this is probably the most difficult challenge I've ever faced with seven miles of rocky, muddy, slippery trails, and hundreds of stairs. Coming from Wisconsin, USA, the views were like nothing I've ever experienced. It ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 09 2015-6

Death by trail

This was quite the experience ! One thing I learned is that you have to be in shape, trekking up that mountain is exhausting and very challenging. Besides being tiring you do get to see some pretty unreal sites and views. It's crazy to think how they built this trail all those years ago. It's mind blowing actually !
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Peru trip January 09 2015-6

Survived the Machu Picchu

Where do I begin ?! What an amazing experience ! It is definitely something my body was not prepared for... but I survived.
Americano was an amazing tour guide. He made sure that we went slow and took our time. He allowed us to take breaks when we needed them, knew all the answers to my questions, a great ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 06 2015-2

Sexiest llama on the trail

Once in a lifetime experience ! Best way to experience Machu Picchu. Just completed one of the most challenging yet fulfilling treks of my life. Overly accommodating from the pick up in Cusco and back.
First training day was adrenaline pumping with the entrance to the trail, meeting our group who would soon become family, and embarking along side ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 06 2015-16


This hiking was great ! Even though I have been hiking before, doing the Inca Trail was a whole new experience. It was a lot harder than I would expect, but I still had a great time. Our group had a very good luck with the weather even though it was rainy season and I think that made the hike ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 06 2015-3

Just owned the Inca Trail

I have been travelling for three months now, and after all the amazing things I have done, this Inca Trail Reservations tour has been my absolute favorite. I had the idea to convince my friends a couple months ago, and they enjoyed it just as much. The food was great, the scenery on the trail was amazing. Seeing all these ... Continue Reading