Machu Picchu vacation September 06 2015-3

Trekking Chicos take on the Inca Trail!

Inca Trail Reservations offers a fantastic 4 day, 3 night trek!!! I would do this same trek again in a heartbeat .
Our guide Juan Carlos was outgoing, funny, and passionate about sharing his knowledge of Incan culture. Be prepared for the physical challenge of the trails, (lote of hills) but the views and Comraderie of the group are ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 06 2015

Sexy llama adventure

I just finished the 4 day/ 3 night backpacking trek to Machu Picchu with tour guide Juan Carlos and Inca Trail Adventures .
Our guide and the food were amazing! Our guide was knowledgable and fun and the chef was amazing! The trek was sooooo hard, but I'm so glad that I did it. I was with a group ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 06 2015-4

Four days and a lot of stairs

I had the most amazing time on my trek with Inca Trail Reservations. Our guide Juan Carlos was funny, caring and knowledgable.
The chef Raul managed to make the most amazing food of our vacation while working in a little tent in the middle of the mountains. And the porters all went out of their way to make sure ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 30 2015-1

Amazing team

The trek was very amazing,Whether we had to walk many hours per day , our guide Alexandro and his team served us a adventure , that we will never forget. Especially the flexibility and the kindness were absolutely great.
The guide were super, the food very very good and incredibly varied . I loved how much avocado was ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 04 2015-2

Stalen kuiten na een pittige tocht

Zonder goede voorbereiding, maar met een normale basisconditie ging ik een beetje voorzichtig van start.
De Inca Trail staat natuurlijk bekend om de enorme hoogte- en kilometers die je aflegt. Maar het was prima te doen. Dag 2 klim je veel en dag 3 gaan je bovenbenen eraan door de vele meters die je naar beneden gaat, maar als ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 04 2015-4

Lekkere Trek

De trail kan ik iedereen aanbevelen. De route is fantastisch, met de meest mooie uitzichten, prachtige historische ruines die langs de route liggen en uitdagende stukken van de trail zelf. De eerste etappe kun je lekker inkomen met niet al te veel klimwerk. De tweede etappe is zwaar, door de hoogte en veel klimmen. De derde etappe heb ik onderschat ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 04 2015

Team American Incas

I loved the premeeting before the trip, it really helped to make me feel prepared.I also appreciated the daily overviews of what we should expect for the following day.
The trip itself was spectacular, everything from the views to the challenge itself, but also the guides were very encouraging in helping us find the motivation to finish each day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 04 2015-6


The hike and the entire crew were great! We really enjoyed victor's knowledge of the inca and Quechua people enhanced our experience.
I think the only improvement is possibly we needed to carry our sleeping pads. Orr than that the food was surprisingly better than I expected. The cook always tried to class up our camp food which was ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 04 2015


This was my first trek in South America and I had been looking forward to it for three years. Booking the reservations was an easy experience, aside from of course the long lead time required to make the booking.
After the booking we received several emails explaining the process and expectations to help guide us to ensure we had ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 04 2015-1


The overall experience was great! I consider myself to be in good shape, but this was a challenging hike for sure.
However, the guides were extremely helpful and knowledgable. The trail was unforgettable with numerous historical stops. Each site came with a story, which the guides delivered expertly. My party consisted of 10 other hikers also made the trek ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 04 2015-7


The trip started very early with the bus that came to pick us up from our hostel which was nice.
The first day was hard but fun. I really liked the many stops and how it was considered 'training' for the second day. I wish I had known how hard the trek actually was because that might have influenced ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 04 2015-1

The Incan Empire Strikes Back

This was easily the most challenging experience of my life. I suffered through altitude sickness and dehydration. It was completely worth it. It was such a gift for Victor to share his country with us. He was one of the most knowledgable tour guides I could have asked for. The porters took care of us in more ways than I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 04 2015-2

Hiking gone wild Inca style

Hello adventurers. The inca trail hike is not for the faint of heart.
The sites sounds and people are incredible and I would never take this adventure back. You should know that if you are not an experienced hiker or if you are used to a lower altitude hire a Porter!! The hike was very difficult on the first ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 03 2015

Epic Adventure!!!

Saw sights I never dreamed I would see! Cities in clouds and ancient temples! Not only did I see the sights of the Inca's but I made new friends along the way! My every need was anticipated, from three course meals down to spare walking poles to save my knees! I felt safe and comfortable and learned more than I ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 03 2015-1

Loved every minute!

We came in with high expectations and had them exceeded!.
The food was good, Lisandro was very helpful and informative, the group was very fun, and the scenery was amazing! We loved seeing the Peruvian landscapes and learning from our guide. We especially loved the comradery between the guides and the group. Lisandro was very helpful and went out ... Continue Reading