Machu Picchu travel July 14 2016

Amazing Trip

Our Inca trail Trek with Inca Trail Reservations was an amazing experience !!. My Fiance and I had a great time despite my being ill leading up to our trip and for the first couple days of our trek.
Our cook made me special tea, the guide, Rony, was very patient and supportive, the porters were very helpful for ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 14 2016-2

Pre wedding honeymoon

Me and my fiancé decided to do the inca trail as part of our pre wedding honeymoon! This was by far our favorite part of Peru.
The trail was amazing with so many beautiful sights to see. To start the trip we met our group which was only us and 6 other people, next we met our ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 14 2016-2

Inka trail

It is been a really great trip above all expectations. The nature and the landscape was amazing during the whole trip and really nice that you get to see so much different type of vegetation, plants and birds, really cool.
All the camp sites were really beautifully located and at good strategic spots a long the way. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 13 2016-2

HaCooChu Machu Picchu

This trip has been more than I ever expected. Traveling from the city of Cusco, to hiking up to snow cap mountains, and back down into the jungles of Peru.
We survived altitude sickness, dodged horses galloping down the trail and avoided falling of the cliff from the taxis I between trails. Aside from all the dangers, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 13 2016-3

Wi fi

I survived without wifi for four days! Highlights of the trip were zip-lining at Vertikal Ziplining and crossing the Inca drawing bridge on the fourth day! Relaxing in the hot springs on the third day and feeling a sense I accomplished the biggest challenge by completing the trek. I made new friends, learned about the great Inca culture, experienced new ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 13 2016-1

Wi fi

Although I suffered extreme altitude sickness after the first days hike, luckily felt okay after 12 hours sleep!!.
This has to be the best adventure, with excellent food at every meal break and Victor our guide who ensured the group kept together and was very entertaining and knowledgeable.Throw in ziplining over the valley while being 1000 ft in the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 13 2016


This trek has been amazing in so many different ways.Victor, our tour guide I extremely knowledgeable about Inca culture and the terrain which set the tone for a safe and exciting journey.
Our cook, Beltran, made magic producing amazing varied four-course dishes along the way. The special ceremony at the base of Salkantay Mountain brought a sense of spiritual ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 13 2016

It’s not a baby lama it’s a sheep

Even though I suffered with the altitude sickness this adventure has been amazing. Traveling by horseback to the top of Salkantay was an experience like no other.
Victor was a class A guide, very informative and helpful. The highlight so far has to be the views from the top of the mountains and the hot springs. Peru ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 12 2016-2

Challenge accepted! Trek of a lifetime.

I had never been to the mountains before beginning the salkantay trek. I had know idea that I was about to embark on the Journey of a lifetime!.
Through the hiking, camping, and group comraderee, this Trek challenged me on every level. I developer a new appreciation for exploring nature and separating myself from modern luxuries and Technology. I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 12 2016-4

Fuck my life

I was very nervous before doing the trek and occasionally during, but thanks to Juan Carlos and Jackson I managed to push myself beyond what I thought was capable.
I am a god. A sun god. A sun goddess. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done but also definitely one of the best. We haven't ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2016

Salkantay fun

It was a really amazing experience . The scenery was incredible on every day and the trek was suitably challenging and rewarding .
The guides were very fun and the information given was very interesting . The cooks were also very good and the quality of the food was fantastic . Breakfast could do with slightly larger quantities. Again ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 12 2016-2

High Altitude Is a Real Thing

The Salkantay trek is something I heard about from my brother and some friends. I live in the mountains yet didn't realize how intense this would be.
I had trouble with the altitude which was discouraging but luckily our guides and group were awesome, fun, funny and super encouraging and I felt supported the entire time. This ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 12 2016-2

Inca flats

For our Salkantay trek we had the perfect guides in Juan Carlos and Jackson.
Both had brilliant senses of humour and shared plenty of jokes with the whole group, but were also sensible and knowledgeable when they needed to be. We were able to go both super fast and also slow when we needed to, and they ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 12 2016


Our adventure was great, we loved that everything was so well organized, the emails telling us what to pack and making sure we knew everything that we needed to know was great.
Our leaders were also really great, so much energy and really made the experience extra fun. The food was always something we looked forward to! So yummy. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 12 2016-3

Amazing places

This was my first trip to Peru. I must say that it lived up to my expectations. The Andes are an amazing place, and the people are friendly.
The guided tour was well organized and our guide was experienced and well informed. The high altitude trekking was amazing, Salkantay and the surrounding peaks were gorgeous. The camp set ... Continue Reading