Machu Picchu vacation April 18 2016-3

50 miles of hiking in Peru

This hike was overall great! We saw amazing landscape and had a very great and unique experience in Peru.
The Salkantay summit and mountain were awesome even though it was foggy and rainy, although quite cold. It is a difficult trek with a lot of rocks to walk over, mud, and quick weather changes but all the more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-3

Good stuff

The First three day of the Machu Picchu and Salkantay trail experience was diverse and included fascinating views.
Particularly enjoyed the first day visit to the lake, the tropical forest walk and the first part of second day trail. The scenery of first night camp site was also amazing. The Fourth day trail of Macchu Picchu experience was more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016

Hello there people

This is a great trek, you see so many awesome sights. The trek was difficult is some sections but you just go at you own pace.
Getting to the top of salkentay was the best feeling of accomplishment. The changing weather conditions the challenges of the altitude all made for such a great experience. Thanks for everything in this ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 18 2016-2

The slowest hiker in history

Ever, our guide,was fantastic. He was always positive and helpful and knew an incredible amount of history about Perú.
The equipment was first class. The tents were spotless and sleeping bags clean. I was constantly amazed at how good the food tasted considering it was literally cooked in the jungle. 5 star all the way. The hike was also ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-6

I’m a Yorkshire Lad Get Me Outa Here! 😉👌🏼

The trek was very challenging but so rewarding! Throughout the trail I experience the most breathtaking landscapes.
The crew we travelled with were friendly and very experienced. Our guide was very thorough and spoke good English. I felt very comfortable with the team and everyone was high in spirits and always up for a good laugh.
The food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 18 2016-5


I had the most amazing adventure thanks to the Inca trail and our guide. The whole experience was made possible thanks to the porters and our chef who served the most delicious camp food I've ever had. Many thanks for help and encouragement of our guide who supported and help me finally reach Muchu Picchu through the rain, sun and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-4

The hardest/best thing I’ve ever done!

What can I say! Americo is the homie of all homies.
Great knowledge from our guide and an all round amazing experience!
There is no landscape in the world like this, by far the best trip.
We had good food every day, good size meals which are exactly what you need after a hard days trek. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-8

Memorable experience

After four days of sun, rain, cloud... and especially no showers! The end result was awesome. Day one was easy. Day two was raining, and hard. Getting to the top of dead woman's path was truly breathtaking. Day three was a bit easier but long and steep. And day four...Walking up the steps to the view of Macchu Picchu was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 17 2016-4

Up in the air!

We had a really great time on the Salkantay treck with Inca Trail Reservations. Our guide and the entire staff was extremely helpful and delivered a great service.
Every morning we were woken up with a hot coca tea at our tent. The food from the chefs that were with us was always really good. Our guide ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 17 2016-1

Too much alcohol; not enough oxygen

Had a great trip with our main man Raúl. Taught us how to drink hot toddies and trek across unlucky mud slides.
Surprised me with a personal birthday cake despite not having had prior notice to this event. Made the second (hardest) day of the trip an amazing end. Helped me throughout with my altitude sickness and general slow ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 17 2016-6

Awesome trek!

The first day starts very early at 5am but once you get into the mountains you are not tired any more.
After a delicious lunch we hiker up to a mountain lake and soon as we arrived the sun came out and it was a fantastic view. Each morning we got hot coca tea brought directly to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 17 2016-10

Conquer the Mountain

Conquer the mountain - that's the motto. We hiked up to 4600 m on the second day - very exhausting and and hard to breath.
I really don't know, why to fill this, because this are just to much words and it is really to late now. But I liked the day today, walking next to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 17 2016-3

Hot Totties and Machu Picchu

The trip to Machu Picchu was a great experience overall! The food was amazing and the staff members were very nice and attentive.
Our guide was extremely patient and informative as we made our way to each camp and allowed us all to hike at our own comfortable pace. During the hike there were also many special and beautiful ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 17 2016-4

Into the Andes we go!

Very challenging and had a great adventure. Lots of little surprises thrown at us, we zipped across the river climbed right to the top and the skies cleared, it was perfect.
The service by the cooks and horse man was amazing, after a long walk every day it's was amazing to come back to tasty warm ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 17 2016-8

Top of Andes

Great challenging adventure made possible by exemplary service from guide Raul. Food and general service was tasty and well prepared. Tents and bags arrived on time. Thank you for a great trip and time well spent.
Staff really made the trip pleasurable and informative with good knowledge of local landscape flora and fauna. Good stamina on ... Continue Reading