Machu Picchu vacation May 18 2016-7

My heroes

Amazing Adventures, amazing food and i couldnt have done it without Miguel and the crew. I will never forget my experience on the inca Trail.
It was tough but well worth the reward of seeing the amazing ruins. I would definitely come Back and experience it all over again. The guys made us feel very comfortable when the Trail ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 18 2016-3

Ashley Potato Head

I absolutely loved my adventure to Machu Picchu. The trail was absolutely beautiful but it was the company and the food that made it really special !!.
The quality of the meals and accommodations was unexpected. The guides and porters were professional and took care of everything for us. I am not sure I can go camping ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 17 2016

Ghost in my tent

My 4 day trek with Marco was the Adventure of a Lifetime!! The history of the Inca's, the beautiful mountain views and even the up hill challenges were moments I will cherish and hold close to my heart for the rest of my life!
The Inca Trail has been on my bucket list for so many years. There ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 17 2016-1

So fluffy trail!

What a 4 days! I don't know how to describe my trek . It was joyful, painful, scary, amazing, and at last Macchu picchu!. To me, the inca trail was much more than the quest to the goal it was a spiritual experience where I learned to fight my fears and my doubts about my personal competences.
Now, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 17 2016

Pointing guy

So painful for my knees. The hardest thing I have done of my all life. But something I so proud.
I have seen so many beautiful stuff, all the inca ruins, the views. I had a wonderful guide, Marco, who explain us so many about the incas spirit and their life. I make friend on my group and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 16 2016-1

Steppy McStepFace

Best adventure ever with the greatest guides, cooks, and horseman in all Peru! The guides are very knowledgeable and want you to have a excellent time.
The hiking is Challenging but with many rewarding destinations. Got to jump in a glacier lake. Best part is cerveza at every stop and having one at 4,600 m with great friends. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 16 2016-7

I’m fine. I just can’t breath.

Amazing. Spectacular. Thank you. Incredible experience made even better due to the staff of Salkantay Trek. Make sure you keep Victor.
He not only a wealth of Inca knowledge but he is fun and personable. Excellent food. Hard workers. Horses well cared for. Responsive when I was making the reservations although there was a glitch in making the reservation ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 16 2016-6

Salkan-tie one on

My group and I were fortunate enough to have a fantastic time with Victor on the Salkantay tour. From stops to explain interesting things about the vegetation or inca culture, to drinking cervezas with the group at 4600 meters, we had a fantastic time exploring and learning about the beautiful Andean region! The staff were absolutely excellent and made our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 16 2016-7

Agua Calientes Town

I was fortunate to have a wonderful party of friends to travel with, who planned this wonderful adventure for our group! .
I went into this trek with very little knowledge of he itinerary. I could not have imagined a better trip overall! Every day was filled with new adventures, wonderful experiences, surprises and fun! Everything was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 16 2016-5

Alpaca my bags!

Victor was the best tour guide, so thoughtful and funny. We had the best time hiking with him and drinking curves as on e top of the base of Salkantay mountain.
The food was great and the horseman were extremely helpful. We had so much fun hiking and learning about the Peruvian and Incan culture from Victor. Beer ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 16 2016-5

Trekky McTrek Face

This was an amazing adventure. From the beautiful views of Cusco to the rugged landscape of Salkantay, followed by the lush vegetation of the Amazon, this trek showcases Peru's true spirit.
The trek was very well organized, safe and rewarding. We met people from across the world and felt right at home with them. The food was great ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 16 2016-8

The Week of No Showers

This entire trip was such a good experience for me as a person. Not only was it THE most strenuous experience of my entire life, but it was also the most adventurous.
The crew that we traveled with was incredibly accommodating to each pace of the hikers and the food that the chefs made was much better than ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 16 2016-2


This trek has been a great time. From the start it was very difficult. Hiking to the highest peak was one of the hardest challenges I have ever embarked on.
I had a lot of trouble breathing during the beginning of the trek. I was very short of breath when hiking uphill. My favorite part of the trek was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 16 2016-3

Step step steppity step

Absolutely amazing trek! Tons of information and there was always someone there to answer questions.
Our guides Victor and Lisette were fabulous. They provided us a lot of information about the local culture and provided us great guidance throughout the difficult trek. The trek held such a range of experiences, from trekking up to the top of the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 16 2016-3

Acuna matata

Very fun, very beautiful, very good food. The guides were amazing, the tents were amazing.
Ziplining was very fun. The group was very supportive and kind. Victor was awesome. There was no altitude sickness which was great! The glacier lake was beautiful. Cerveza at the top of the mountain was also very fun. The weather was excellent which ... Continue Reading