Peru travel May 19 2015

Inka trail or bust!

Wow!!!. I didn't know what to expect with this trip but I was blown away by the experience and our team on the trail. The sights were amazing and the trail challenging. Our fearless leader Abbie made the hardest parts easier and was always positive. She was fantastic in every way and I'm so glad she was leader.
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Peru trip May 19 2015

Pink Panther (Jill)

the Inca Trail tour and hike were amazing! Abigail's guidance, stories, and overall care
for our group was way above what I expected and it was just fun!.
The cook and porters blew me away with amazing food , soup, popcorn, a turtle shaped chicken skewer dish and even a home made cake! Delicious!.
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Machu Picchu vacation May 18 2015-6

High in Peru

We had a very informative briefing through our guide in our hotel one day before the trek started. Our guide told us the first day would be the easiest, but it wasn't.
It was very hard to reach the beautiful see in the mountains because of the very thin air in these highness. But it was the best test ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 18 2015-2

wonderful experience

It was a beautiful experience! We were a group of 13 people and we had such a good time.
The first day was perfect training to acclimate to the altitude. We did a short walk to a lake which was about 4100m high.The second day was the hardest day. But when we reached the top it was such a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 18 2015-4

Perdido en Salkantay

El tour fue excelente. La comida, los alojamientos, los guias, la historia del lugar, todo fuera de Serie. El recorrido fue de mas exigente a mas facil. Es apto para todo el mundo, pero recomiendo hacer algo de entrenamiento previo para disfrutarlo mas.
En todo momento recibi ayuda y sugerencias de los guias, inclusive en el tercer dia ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 18 2015-5

Una aventura para recordar!

Fue una experiencia increíble, una aventura que realmente vale la pena hacer. El camino de Salkantay te sorprende cada día con una nueva vivencia.
La comida es muy buena, y los cocineros te sorprenden con una comida rica en nutrientes y perfecta para cada momento, por ejemplo, cada mañana te despertaban con un te caliente en las carpas. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 18 2015-5

Great times of adventures

Great times wonderful adventure I will do it again in a heart beat. Very impressed of the whole trip and by the inca organization.
I will recommend that company to everyone that want to book for that trip. Well organized and very friendly. The whole week pass by to quick. I was only sad by the fact I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 18 2015-4

Salkantay trip

The hardest and best trip I've ever taken. The guides were terrific and really knew the history and culture of the land. The porters were excellent and accommodations were good and the food even better.
Salkantay pass was the hardest part of the trip. Scenery was amazing and the sense of accomplishment was bar none.
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Peru travel May 17 2015

Condor blessing trip ;)

It was an fantastic five days four nights Salkantay trip organized by Inca Trail Reservation tour agent. From the first day we started our hike we were blessed by the Inca Condors flying over our head and traditionally, it means GOOD LUCK :) and the fact was , we had the whole five days beautiful weather. Yay!!!
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Peru vacation May 17 2015-2

Walk this way

This was the most difficult hike i have ever done and i wouldn't have made it without his support and guidance.The whole team was excellent and i am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of this experience.
The cook was so acommodating to our groups varios dietary restrictions. I truly ate better in tese past ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 17 2015

Slowly slowly

Wonderful adventure through Peru. Our guide was very knowledgable and was a great addition to our group. We had some good laughs with Lisandro.
The camp sites were beyond our expectation and were lovely to arrive at after a hard day of hiking. The trekking was great but days were long and could have been a little shorter as ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 17 2015-3

Lots of history :) :)

A perfect day very interesting a beautiful place to visit. Lots of history,lots of history. The guide was great plenty of knowledge and a very likable person, maybe one day he can come and visit me in Australia .
Lizandro is a great ,friendly person and knows every thing about Peru .He is a very lucky guide because we ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 17 2015-2

Great Trip

Had a great time, scenery and people were fantastic. We walked and walked and saw lots of things such as condors and trees and rocks.
The camp sights provided fantastic views, the lake was breathtaking. The air was thin at 4600 meters but I could breath ok. I highly recommend using sticks/ poles they help a lot. I also ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 18 2015

Life time experience !!!

It was truly a wonderful trip. Thanks for Inca Trail Reservation for all arrangements. Patricia was very responsive with our questions.
Our porters are great, they set up everything before we arrive, hot water and hot meal are always waiting. Our Guide Rony is very knowledgeable about the places which make the trip also educative. The cook is ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 18 2015-1

Nice surprise

I knew it was going to be a challenging trek but the breath taking views and experiences along the way made it all worth it. I haven't been on a true camping trip in many years so wasn't quite sure what to expect, but our porters were very efficient with setting up our camp sides and making them as comfortable ... Continue Reading