Machu Picchu trip March 11 2016-1

Roses are red, violets are blue and this is an awesome view :)

First of all, I should say, that is was one of my biggest dreams to go to Peru since 5 years. I read a lot about the Inka Culture and I am so interested in all ancient cultures and histories. So that's why I really wanted to see the Machu Picchu.
When I am decided to do ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 11 2016-3

Life dream

This treck was incredible,Evert gave us some very good information and was pleasant and cheerful.Both Evert and Martin were very good and experienced guides and were always ensuring our safety and explaining things as clearly as possible.The food our chef provided was very good and was always available in large quantities always leaving everyone full and satisfied.
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Machu Picchu travel March 11 2016-1

Nearly died

My Machu Pichu adventure was one hell of a ride! As a complete novice, this was my first time hiking, camping and even sleeping in a tent or sleeping bag, God only knows what I was thinking I booking this! Having said that, Inca Trail was an amazing company to go with. By far the slowest and least fittest of ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 11 2016-5

Crazy Adventure

Hard work but nice. 22000 steps...crazy inca's but really genial. Thank you for the staf. Everything was correct. And many respect for the porters and special price for cookers. We were 8 women and 2 men. The young girls don,t stop to speak even when the steps were very high!,,, but they were very sympathiques.
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Machu Picchu trip March 11 2016-4

The lazy llamas

I had a wonderful Machu Picchu experience. The food was excellent and the guides were thoughtful and informative.
I was so impressed by the strength and motivation of the porters. Even though the trek itself was perhaps the most difficult trek I have ever completed, the support from everyone was overwhelming and I would not have been able to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 11 2016-3

Inca trail

This was an amazing adventure! I loved the pace, the company, the information, the food, and the experience in total. The first day was great where we were able to stay for breakfast and collect snacks. My only surprise was that I had to carry my own sleeping pad, which would have been nice to know about, but it turned ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 11 2016-3

Katicita :) :)

Each day of the trek was a new and fabulous adventure thanks to Inca Trail Reservation. Our guides Eber and Martin were so prepared, knowledgable and funny.
Couldn't have had a better experience! The food each day was better than I have had anywhere else in Peru. The porters and cook were so motivating and helpful. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 11 2016-6

Funny title

Hard work but nice. The stuff was really good and we have been lucky to see Machu Pichu. Thank you for all.
Special price for cookers, Nous habitons la France dans les Alpes près de Chamonix Mont Blanc. Les sentiers de randonnees ne sont pas aussi raides !!! Ils font des zig zag.
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Peru trip March 11 2016-2

Lazy lama trip

Thanks Martin for waiting for us. It was hard, but we made it! Well my feet are still killing me, but we servived! Inca trail/ Machu Pichu checked that of our list.
Loved the beautiful view. I'm very sad that on the last day in the morning it was cloudy. But in the end we had a great ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 11 2016

Funny title

Ik moest mee van mijn vriendinnetje. Zelf lig ik liever aan het strand. Het was dus afzien. De eerste nacht hebben we redelijk kunnen slapen.
Helaas was ik de tweede dag niet lekker. Martin en Ever hebben me super goed geholpen. Hartstikke bedankt jongens! De derde dag ging gelukkig een heel stuk makkelijker. Het eten was lekker gedurende de ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 13 2016-9


This was such an incredible experience! Pictures and descriptions don't do justice to the marvelous views, to the rich history, and the fun of this adventure. You have to be here to truly experience such surreal world wonder.
If you can do the hike (2, 4 or 5-day), I highly recommend it, especially if you love the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 13 2016-6

Get the llama!

It was a great, beautiful and an unforgettable experience. Rony was super knowledgable and fun to have as a tour guide for this trip. He was very patient giving us plenty of time to stop and take pictures. I loved doing this tour and would love to do the 5 day next time!
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Peru trip March 10 2016-2

Totally worth

I really enjoyed the trip. We had a nice, small and friendly group, an amazing guide, great chasquis and a good chef.
We were late to the briefing (it was hard to find because the sign above the door was quite small) but it still turned out nice because everybody was nice. The first day was good (except from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 10 2016

Trek master MacFlash

I really loved The Inca Trail trip - it was an amazing adventure and I really liked traveling with the company.
Before the trek, they were giving a lot of information by mail and by a personal meeting the day before the trek, so you felt completely ready for the trip. Our guide, Miguel, was really good; he ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 10 2016-3

Thousands of stairs for the best feeling ever

The Inca Trail was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever experienced in my life and I am more than satisfied with the company I chose to travel with.
All in all it was a really pleasant surprise for me. Everything seemed perfect. Even with some rain we had a lot of fun together ... Continue Reading