Peru travel January 24 2015-8

Sexy lama – Ullalla

It was a great experience walking the Inca Trail. Before the trek I felt unprepared and stressed because I had never done something like this in my life but so excited. As it went I loved being in the nature, the view from the mountain was incredible, we were lucky with the weather most of the time, rain and sun ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 24 2015-9

Great experience

The trek was a great experience. It was sometimes a bit hard but worth it. My favorite thing was the food - thumbs up for the chef. Breakfast, lunch, dinner everything was so good ! It was the best food I've tasted on my trip through South-America. I would do it again just for the food.
We were woken ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 24 2015-10

A lot of fun

The Inca Trail was a great experience. It was very challenging at times (most of the time) but very rewarding. We were very lucky with the group, everyone was friendly and supportive and we had a lot of fun together.
Carlos was a great guide, he was informative and it clearly enjoyed telling everyone about the culture and the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 24 2015

Quad burn

The Inca Trail was a great experience. Day 3 was the highlight with fantastic views. All the stairs made for a good quad workout ! Food was great, good variety and plenty of it. Guide Carlos very knowledgeable and friendly. Tents - are a little short - anyone 6 foot and over cannot lay straight in the tent and needs ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2015-3

Gorditos adventure

The Inca Trail was a great challenge with fantastic rewarded. The Inca Trail Reservations crew was a solid support team. Our guide, Carlos, was very kind and helpful. He was full of great information and really brought the group together like a family.
The porters were insanely strong and friendly. Every day we would wake up to hot tea, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 24 2015-2

Machu fun

What an excellent adventure ! Such a privilege to pound the ground the Inca's did, and see the amazing sights - from ruins to hummingbirds. King Carlos was a fabulous guide and the porters and chef - incredible :) This was one of my favorite experiences on my South American holiday.
Learning about the history - The condors, snakes, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 24 2015-2

Inca trek adventure

The Inca Trail was one of the most challenging and beautiful treks I've ever experienced.
Day three of the four day trek was gorgeous ! The farming terraces were breathtaking and so inspirational. Heading into the jungle from the top of the mountains was magical. Our guide, Carlos, shared a wealth of knowledge about Inca culture, and all the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 24 2015-12

Natural beauty

4 days of sweating, hurting and suffering. I can say that it's all worth it. Seeing things of natural beauty. This is an experience I will never forget. Sleeping in tents, walking through the rain, getting extremely cold and extremely hot.
What a amazing trip with such a nice group and guide. And then the porters, they have earned ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 23 2015

A nice stroll in the hills

A really enjoyable trek with great porters, an excellent cook and our friendly and knowledgeable guide, Ronnie. Woken up with coca tea each morning by the friendly porters, we set out on the Trail with a good breakfast inside.
We could go as fast or slow as we pleased (within reason). Everyone made it back safe, sound and happy. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 23 2015

Humming birds fly to quickly !

January turned out to be a nice month for doing the Inca Trail, no nasty bites, sunshine through the day but rain at night which was fine as your tucked up in your tent before 9 pm after the early start on the trek. The scenery was fantastic all around you, the flora was amazing, so many different colors in ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 21 2015

Como en Holanda decimos: pijn is fijn

Pijn is fijn: el dolor es un gusto. El Camino del Inca no es fácil, es un viaje de 4 días en el que sufres. Subiendo montañas, bajando escaleras, duchas frías y dormir en carpas con colchones finos.
Tuvimos lluvias de vez en cuando que a veces nos refrescaban y a veces nos daban mucho frío. Pero la felicidad ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 21 2015-1

The biggest rewarding

The trip itself is a great experience. Definitely something everybody should do. Amazing views all along the trail. Sometimes it gets a bit hard, mostly because of the height. But you don't need to be a real hiker to make it to Machu Picchu !
One thing must be said though, it does give you a weird feeling seeing ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 21 2015

Highly recommended

As soon as I signed up to do the Inca Trail I couldn't wait to start it. Every day was as described to us in our briefing and it did not disappoint.
Day two was the biggest challenge but a great sense of achievement once completed. Very early start on day 4 but it just adds to the anticipation ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 21 2015

Great experience

The Inca Trail was challenging but I really enjoyed it. The second day was the toughest, physically, especially the incline just before the summit. It feels very rewarding to complete it. We were well prepared on what to expect from our guide. Our guide was very helpful with all our questions and had great knowledge on the history of Machu ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 21 2015-1

Like an explorer

Hey ! I really enjoyed my trip with 5 beautiful girls and a nice guide in the middle of nothing, And the porters were so amazing. I hope you will have the same team as me... To follow the Inca Trail during 4 days was like to be an explorer who was looking for the Machu Picchu and finaly found ... Continue Reading