Peru travel March 27 2015

And another detail, senores

Holding hands, in one single chain of exhausted travelers, we slowly motioned sideways up the last ten paces of the magnificent, marathon-long Inca Trail to reach the final destination of our odyssey: the Sun Gate. Standing on top of that hill, over-viewing the prominent, lost Inca city of Machu Picchu, no words were needed to express the sense of pride ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2015-7

Don’t take the pussy train !

Inca Trail Reservations provided an amazing Machu Picchu experience ! I had an extremely enjoyable Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. Everything involving the trip went very smoothly and exceeded my expectations. I was lucky to be grouped with a fun and diverse set of individuals. Our group name was the Lazy Legs team, however I think we were above ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 27 2015-3


The Inca trek was amazing ! Even though it was pretty hard I really enjoyed the trip. The first day was easy, which was really good. I'm not really a hiker, and therefore I really needed a easy start. I didn't have the proper equipment, which was a bit challenging. But I got a lot of help and tips from ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 27 2015-5

Porter porter

Hay unos hombres de otro planeta que durante toda la subida te pasan a una velocidad increíble en donde vos a penas podes respirar jajaja todo al grito de "porter porter" que vos quisieras imitar. Es un trekking que si estas entrenado y te gusta la montaña, todos deberían conocer Machu Picchu de esta manera ! Es muy hermoso ! ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2015-9

Malditas escaleras

El Camino del Inca una experiencia maravillosa, un duro y largo camino que vale la pena. En mi caso en particular creí que no podía mas en algunos momentos pero gracias a mis compañeros de viaje y a mis fabulosos guías pude lograrlo. Lo volvería a hacer. Todo el sacrificio y el cansancio desaparecieron al atravesar la Puerta del Sol ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 27 2015-7

Super Inca Trail

J'ai fait le trek du chemin des Inca fin mars, et je vous le recommande sincèrement! Ce trek dure 4jours , et il est accessible à tous avec un peu de motivation ;)!
On a eu un super guide ( Paul!!) , vraiment super cool, il met la bonne humeur dans l'ensemble du groupe , et tres explicatif sur ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 27 2015-7

Linekaninis heaven

Ja alt man kan finne paa i denne verden,46 gammel kjerring fra Norge tenker at det og gaa Inca trekker er vel ingenting og blaase seg opp for,der tok jeg feil igjen.
Kan starte med og si det slik...mest fantastiske jeg har gjort og det totalt verste. Naa har jeg mest lyst og le for dere maa Ikke ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 27 2015-6

Lazy legs team on da place !

Super aventure avec une équipe de ouf et un staff déjanté ! L'Inca trail d'une longueur de 43km nous a bien fait transpirer mais j'ai passé d'excellents moments au sein d'un groupe cosmopolite dans le même état d'esprit que moi.
Tout a été mis en place par le staff (3 guides) pour que l'entente fonctionne. De plus il y ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 26 2015-3

Not so fast, but still not a chicken !

We were so lucky to get the best guide, Victor ! He took the time to make sure everybody was feeling well, motivating us when it was getting hard and was always happy and in perfect mood. The views and the experience overall is the hardest and most rewarding I have done ! I didn't know I was so strong ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 26 2015-2

Mr. Altitude sickness

This is the best thing I have ever done but also the hardest ! I was so impressed by how hard the porters worked and how amazing our guide, Victor, was. The views were amazing and you can really feel the spiritual energy radiating of the mountains !
I will definitely come back and do this again and I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 26 2015

It turns out I am not waterproof

What an adventure. There were massive highs and some memorable lows but overall an amazing sense of achievement knowing I have completed the Inca Trail. I will wear my t-shirt with pride !
I can honestly say I have never done anything like this before, there were times when I doubted if I would complete it but thanks to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 26 2015

Dead Woman’s Pass… nearly !

I had the most amazing experience of the Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations. Our guide Victor and the incredible team of porters were absolutely fantastic. The trek was challenging in some parts especially Dead Woman's Pass but the whole team helped to keep us staying strong and focused.
I am vegetarian and I don't think I've ever ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 25 2015

The flying Dutchman meets sexy guinea pigs

This trip was absolutely awesome ! I was on a trek with one English, one French and a Japanese guy and of course the staff of the trek concluding the guide Ramiro, the horseman Elvis, the chef Donato and of course the assistant Augusto. All of them were very friendly and helpful during the entire trip !
We saw ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 25 2015-3

The frog meets the sexy guinea pigs

I really recommend this trip. I originally had doubts about it but I am very happy I've done it. The hiking is only tough on one day where you go quite high but on the other days you walk on flat ground alongside amazing landscape. The service is amazing and the food is extremely good, especially the soups and the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 25 2015

Sexy guinea pigs adventure

What an amazing trip ! I thoroughly enjoyed my 5 days in the Andes. The trek was very well organised and the staff was friendly and always helpful, and the chef had an exceptional talent for making the best soups to warm us up in the mountains ! The tent service was great and the coca tea in the morning ... Continue Reading