Machu Picchu vacation June 25 2017

Gran experiencia en las alturas

Inicio en cusco muy temprano. Llegada al punto de partida y presentacion del todo el grupo. Una nueva familia, que poco a poco se afianza hasta al final llorar por el fin de esta aventura y la separacion fisica de esta familia, porque en espiritu siempre seguira unida. La altura hace estragos en algunos, en otros no, pero jamas olvidare ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 25 2017

Viaje Inolvidable

Una aventura unica con un grupo súper simpático y agradable, con una organización estupenda, desde nuestro guía Marco hasta el resto del equipo,
porteadores, cocineros, etc,
Tengo que reconocer que venía un poco preocupada por la comida porque soy un poco especial, pero me ha sorprendido muy gratamente, tanto la calidad como la cantidad, Unos paisajes que ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017-5


Habiendo llegado a Aguas Calientes puedo decir que disfruté mucho de todos los días previos. La comida estuvo muy bien, todos muy atentos. El primer día fue muy duro por el frío, pero tengo que agradecer a la agencia porque nos brindó frazadas extras. Todos los lugares me gustaron mucho. Fue mi primer experiencia en hiking y me encantó, me ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017-7

Into the Peruvian Wild

Within 36 hours of arriving in Cusco, my brother and I departed for the Salkantay Trek, leaving ourselves little time to acclimatize to the altitude. Sure enough, our first day was a challenge - constantly short of breath, we took many breaks as we made our way to 4000 meters in altitude. This left us trailing behind the group; however, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 26 2017-3

Salkantay Trek Adventures

The Salkantay Trek was an amazing experience. We began our trek at 3000m above sea level and made our way up to 4500m above sea level.
That was a challenging part of the hike, but our tour guide, Marco, provided a lot of assistance on ascent. Once we reached the 4500m altitude level, we made our ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 26 2017

Inca trail

The overall organization was very well. The tour guides and porters were all nice to us. The food has a variety and is delicious.
The only thing is that it seems that we were one of the few that camped at a location that was farther away than everyone else on the last day, which meant that we ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 26 2017-2

Move those lazy legs!

Incredible experience! Highly recommend this company if youre considering an inca trail trek! Paul was extremely knowledgeable, and made everyone feel included and safe.
He was very organized in giving us details with where we are going, what to expect, and what we need to pack/wear. He took time to learn everyones names, and was hilarious ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 26 2017

Thank you Paul!

The passion from the guides was contagious. Paul kept us entertained during meals and keep us safe! The meals were amazing.
The archeological sites were fascinating. This adventure inspired me to read more about Incan History, but nothing can beat hearing it from Paul! We traveled with a Group of 8 and he catered to Our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 26 2017

Great Inca trail

A splendid inca trek with beautiful skyline never seen before!
Nature , mountain, llama, clouds, forest ...
The organization was great. Everything from the transportation to the preparation of the food was very well thought out.
The camping site was good with all necessities
The food excellent with typical Peruvian food thanks to chef. All ... Continue Reading

Peru travel June 22 2017

Machu Picchu or Bust

I was thoroughly impressed with the trek. It was very well run & organized. Probably the hardest thing I have every done! .
You can see pictures and video but they don't come even close to the real thing. You need to experience first hand! The ruins along the way are mind boggling and once you get to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 26 2017-3

Best sexy llama experience

Doing this hike alone I entered extremely anxious and scared. However, the entire crew especially Willie, Jackson and Paul, made me feel very secure that I had nothing to worry about and made the experience one I would never be able to forget. The porters were incredible with how quick they had our belongings there waiting for us. The cooking ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 26 2017

Inca trip

Awesome trip,and the tour guide is great. We like it too much. Paul told us a lot of great and cool information to know, and our group at the end of the trail was like a family. We faced challenges and hardships, and that was what made the trip fun and interesting. Machu picchu is really beautiful, and the four ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 26 2017-1

Nice adventure

El tour fue muy impresionante especialmente la forma en que los cargadores llevan todas las cosas de un lado a otro y siempre teniendo nuestras tiendas listas.
Por parte de los señores de la cocina solo me queda darles las gracias por tan deliciosos platos que nos presentaron como también el haberme hecho mi torta de ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 22 2017

Got Inca Trail?

The most amazing travel experience I have ever had. Hiking the Inca Trail has been on my bucket list for years and because of Inca Trail Reservations I was able to accomplish crossing it off my list. Paul, Jackson, and Willie were very professional and so helpful in making everyone have a successful. They were very knowledgeable about the trail ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 22 2017

Sexy Henrry Family

It was an absolutely amazing experience. Our guide, Henrry was so kind and supportive. I can't say enough about Modesto, Alejandro, Santiago as well.
The food was wonderful and they were so caring. The experience would not have been the same without them. We traveled as a family and by the end of the trip that also included ... Continue Reading