Peru vacation May 06 2017

Machu Wheww!!

What an incredible experience my wife and I had. We had an incredible quide and a fun light-hearted group.
If you are seeking a challenging, rewarding, and amazing time then you must seeking out Inca Trail Reservations! We chose the 4/day - 3/night Trail and had the time of our lives. Words cannot describe the journey and the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 06 2017

Mission accomplished,

This was the most incredible awesome and challenging experience of my life! I was expecting it to be difficult but this was way harder than I thought.
I am so grateful to Inca Trails for their support and encouragement. Without them I wouldn't have been able to complete this monstrous challenge! We had the best guide and I am ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 09 2017-1

Gringo Killer Victim

Although my knees and my body odor may never recover, it was an unforgettable journey made all the better by Inca Trail Reservations, our guide Juan Carlos, the incredible chef, and our friendly and hard working porters who were with us every step of the way.
Breathtaking views, historical sites, blood, sweat, and tears made the Inca ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 09 2017

Andean playboys

I had such a great trip! Very informative briefing up front. We had an excellent guide, he told us all about the incas as well as the surroundings.
He was able to answer all of our questions and was also very fun, had some great laughs. Our group was small, just six people, which was nice. The porters, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 09 2017-1

The one with hurting feet

The Machu Picchu trek was a phenomenal experience. Juan Carlos did a great job briefing and preparing the group for the upcoming trek.
Also, he was very informative and continually briefing the group throughout the trek itself.
The trek was more than what was anticipated. Great first day, other group member introductions and pickup then shuttle from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 09 2017

Sexy condors

I had a great experience doing this inca Trail. The service of Inca Trail Reservations was great: friendly people, the guide had great knowledge, well organized, and nice food.
The hike was a challenge but it was worth it, because we saw amazing things and had a lot of fun. Our guide told us things about the surroundings/nature, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 08 2017

Team Sexy Baby Llamas

Team "Sexy Baby Llamas" for the win! Had a great time, with a chill group of people and a very knowledgeable guide (Eloy Quispe Ccorahua). I´d definitely recommend Eloy.
I´ve hiked all over the world and this is definitely one of the most organized hikes I´ve been on. From tent setup to food to transportation coordination, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2017

Sexy Baby Warrior Llamas

I will highly recommend this trek to anyone with the physical ability to complete it. The Salkantay Trek provided a personal experience because of very few crowds and fantastic guides.
The food provided by the cooks was delicious, and the horsemen did a great job transporting and setting up our equipment. Being able to make the trek with ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2017-1

Sexy Baby Warrior Llamas

Had an amazing time on the Salkantay trek with our guide Eloy. Everything was so well organized and he was very knowledgable and funny. We were a group of 6 which was perfect, I really enjoyed being a small group as we got to know each other really well. I was so nervous beforehand because of the altitude but our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 08 2017-1

Inca trail

It was an incredible experience and I recommended anyone who is thinking about it to go for it !!!!! .
Our tour guide Pedro was amazing!!! He was so helpful and knowledgable and very friendly! . The food was so good and the porters were definitely super human!!! . The walking was hard at points but so worth ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2017-2

The maximum adventure

You hear lots of rumors of the inca trail before you start ; difficult , tiring , amazing, beautiful , amazing food .
I'm delighted to report that these are all true . The scenery was breathtaking, steep lush mountains . Tiring walking, but still accesible to everyone, even including lots americans . Along the way you see many ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 08 2017-3

Inca trail

4 days of hard work , but totally worth it ! !! . The First day was great walking along the river .
The second day was the hardest walking up the mountain but incredible views . The third day we saw lots of ruins . The fourth wie saw Machu Picchu . The Porters were amazing and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 03 2017-1

Grande experiência

Minha experiência com Inca Trail foi muito especia . Alêm de ser uma trilha emocionante , sâo 5 días intensos e especiais , onde pessoas queridas e cuidadosas com cada detalle estao envolvidas.
Juan Carlos , Beltran e Miguel Formaram nossa trilha ainda mais especial , todos muito atenciosos e queridos .A trilha em si ê muito linda e ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 05 2017

Lo imposible es posible!

Tuve una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida, estuve con el contacto con la naturaleza y disfrutando de ella.
Este fue una de las promesas que quise hacer antes de cumplir los 50 años y lo disfrute al máximo. Conocí dentro de este tiempo gente muy amable y muy trabajadora. Nuestro guía fue el mejor, siempre con ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 03 2017

Machu Picchu?! Alpaca my bags!

This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. Being able to walk up to 4600 meters and sleep next to a glacier was surreal.
Also, the fact that we went from snowy ice cold temperatures to the hot jungle in two days by foot was simply amazing. The view points ... Continue Reading