Machu Picchu travel June 15 2015-3

1st mountain trek

I was very excited for this trip and had high expectations. I was not disappointed. The trek was both challenging and adventurous, and at every turn the view was absolutely breathtaking.
I also enjoyed the tidbits of history and culture that our guide, "the king of the mountain," shared with us along the way. That being said, I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 15 2015-4

Doctor’s orders

I had a really great time in this trek, in large part due to a great group, amazing scenery, and an incredibly fun and knowledgeable guide.
Carlos (our guide;aka King of the Mountain) really took care of us and made an effort to get to know us and make us comfortable while providing any and all information you could ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 15 2015-2


The most physically and mentally challenging thing i've done, but also the most rewarding. I'll never forget the friends that i've made here, or the great experiences i've had. I can say with certainty i've never seen anything more breathtaking.
Everyone we met was so friendly, and the staff that led our expedition made then trip amazing. Special shout ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 15 2015-2

Worth every blister

What an adventure! An amazing trek with breath taking views accompanied by a fun and supportive group of people.
The trek was physically demanding, but both the journey and the destination made it worth while.The mountains hold a special place in my heart and it was truly a life changing and humbling experience to be able to stand ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 15 2015-10

Warming up for Machu Picchu

So far, with Machu Picchu still to come, it feels really like warming up to Machu Picchu. After a refreshing first day, a challenging second, relaxing third and an amazing fourth day, I'm really looking forward to the last day, the utopia of this trip.
The start of the trip is really well doable for any ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation June 13 2015

Once in a lifetime views….magical!

Was unsure what to expect and exactly how hard it would be , the sites along the way were magical and the distance and steps become secondary.
The guides were polite, respectful and full of knowledge without the overload. They were there to encourage and inspire. Tents and sleeping arrangments were comfortable and the food the food was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 03 2015

El donkey herder

The start of the trek began with adjusting to the altitude. It was quite the trek to base camp as we saw amazing sights of all aspects.I remember coming around one of the mountains
and it being the first time I that i laid my eyes on the peak of Humantay. It was one of the most beutiful sights ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 12 2015

Inca Flat

This Inca adventure was incredible!!! Such an amazing experience! I did the 4day/3night Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and would recommend this trail to anyone who wants to visit Peru's most magical place.
The porters were amazing running up and down the mountains and getting our camps and delicious meals ready before we arrived. The guide was fun ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 12 2015-1

Step after step does the trick

The hike was incredible, we had a great Guide Raul who was very funny and had a lot of good information for us about all the things we saw along the way.
The food was very good and always different. It was surprising how many different courses could be made while on the move. The bathrooms were a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel June 12 2015

Hiking after dark

The hiking trip was very fun. There was so fun food I never went hungry. The food was great. They prepared meals from the region so that was an even more enjoyable treat. The ruins along the way were very interesting.
The guide told us historical info as we travelled. The third day was very hard for us. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 12 2015-1

Hiking after dark

We had a long third day on the Inca Trail. We were cruising along and enjoying the day and our guide Raul was right with us the whole time. We were quite slower than the rest of the group, but it was not a problem for us.
Our guide was very patient with us and we were able ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 11 2015-4

Sexy beaches

had a great time!!. The tour company was very organized and helpful. Guide and assistants were very attentive and informative.
The Trek was a good mix of challenge and fun. Salkantay Mountain was incredible. Altitude is no joke , get meds before you go. But completely worth it the views were unbelievable. Night one was cold-bring very warm ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 11 2015

My right knee

It hurts already before Machu Picchu,It hurts more every step towards Machu Picchu, What to do hippiedy hippie day hop, and there I was on top.
Thanks to the guide, guide who guided my path, the cooks that cooked my food and the porters that carry my extra baggage.The crew was great, can't complain. It's just Machu Picchu that ... Continue Reading

Peru trip June 11 2015-1

Limping it all the way!!!

Wow, I can't imagine i made the 4 day 3 night Inca Trail even I had a sprained ankle on the third Day.
It was a quite an experience hiking with one foot and was painful on the third Day, thank you for our amazing tour Guide, Edwin and Jimmy who helped me out to finish the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip June 11 2015-10

Inca’s Power

I hiked all my life and one thing on my bucket list is Machu Picchu and I made it. I hiked with my friends and we all done the 4 day 3 night Inca Trail.
I am so proud of my friends because they all made the trail even though most of them are all first time hikers. ... Continue Reading