Peru trip March 19 2015

One sick hike !

We had a great guide, great porters, and a great group to hike with ! All the staff were kind and patient - super hard workers. The food was amazing - no one told us that the chef would be professionally trained?? Or that we'd be offered hot coca tea in our tents during wake up?? Or tea time before ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 18 2015

Best selfies ever

A fantastic experience that we will remember forever. Lots of hard work but lots of rewards. We had a great group of only six people and had a lot of fun along the way. Coca tea in the morning, popcorn for happy hour each day, even a cake to celebrate on the last night !
We were very well ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 18 2015

Porters we love you

Day of the Inca Trail ! I have dreamed for many years to come to the Inca Trail after my father had done the same trek a few years ago. I am traveling alone and every new experience can always go either good or bad which can very often depend on the people you spend the trip with.
After ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 17 2015-2

Victory music: Necessary

As beautiful as the trail is, sometimes you find yourself walking alone and in need of a little musical inspiration. Make sure you have your pump up playlists for the trek, but most importantly: Have a Victory Playlist for when you reach the Sun Gate. It's about an hour journey from The Sun Gate to Machu Picchu and after 4 ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 17 2015-3

Llamas !

I had a very special time. I will definitely remember moments from this trip for a long, long while. Beautiful outdoors, lovely food and lasting memories. What's not to like? The cook, porters and guide made us forget when we got a little chilly or a little tired. They were supremely patient with us when members of our group needed ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 17 2015-1

Blame it on the altitude

Wonderful staff ! A great adventure that I would highly recommend. But everyone must go with Americano, Bertram, Adrian, and Santos ! They made the whole trip enjoyable and really looked after us. Melanie's birthday cake was an incredible gesture. And Americano really got me through the trek by helping any time I needed it. He knew when I needed ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 16 2015

With nice trail and people

I meet to real nature and kindly people, culture and Inca's history. I wanted to walk the Inca Trail and my dream is realized. I wish to come back with my friend and family. just do it. Inca Trail wants you. Inca Trail is fantastic !
잉카제국의 오랜 역사를 늘 지켜봐온 잉카의 길 ! 아직도 살아 있는 이 ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 16 2015

Experience of a lifetime

It was a very good experience. I really enjoyed every day. Landscapes were beautiful. Meals were delicious. Some parts of Inca Trail are difficult from physical point but when you over come them you can feel big satisfaction.
We were lucky to have perfect weather for that kind of exercises, even some rain was interesting experience. When at the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 16 2015-3

A Salkantay tale

I haven't been at Machu Picchu yet. We will visit it tomorrow. First we did the Salkantay track for three days. I find the Andes very impressive. To walk there beware of the beautiful and wonderful mountains was a great experience.
The combination to see how the people live there in harsh circumstances was very impressive. I heard a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 16 2015-2

Physical beauty

My Machu Picchu experience was very beautiful. I did the 4 day Salkantay trekking and I would not have want to miss it. The surroundings of Machu Picchu are extraordinary. You have very high snow-peaked mountains, big valleys, rock fields, rain forest. A real complete trip.
Unfortunately on the top we could not see the high mountains because of ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 15 2015

Dream trip = check

I am so happy to be here right now ! This is my dream trip to visit Peru and Machu Picchu. It's such a special place that I felt like I needed to earn the right to visit the site by trekking 40 miles to get to it. It will feel even more special once we arrive because our team ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 15 2015-1

Stay positive chicos !

A guide can make or break how a tour goes. Our guide made the experience amazingly enjoyable from the very start when he said any weather and conditions can happen but that we should "stay positive, chicos". He was upbeat, friendly and positive during the long trek and we had an amazing time learning from him while testing our abilities ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 15 2015-3

Emily’s adventure

The adventure to Machu Picchu has been fantastic. It was really great wandering around the Andes. I enjoyed the fact that people didn't know where I was in the world. Victor had a great ability to get us to lunch everyday before the rain.
We tried to stay positive for good weather, Victor made it easy to stay positive ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 15 2015-6

I survived. Just do it

Machu Picchu was on my bucket list for the last 20 + years. I learnt about the Incas at school, talked to our travel companies and learnt there was really only one way to experience Machu Picchu, it was walk the Inca Trail ! See and experience first hand the trails they walked and ran, the buildings, temples, farming areas ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 15 2015-11

In Hiram Bingham’s Footsteps

Trekking the Inca Trail has always been my husbands dream, so when he retired we decided that this was the time to do it. It has been an amazing experience. Much harder than I expected, but due to the care of the two guides, Carlos and Nilton, never daunting.
The scenery is breathtaking, so much more imposing than I ... Continue Reading