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Salkantay take 2

This was the second time I have taken the Salkantay trek through Inca Trail Reservations - The booking process was smooth and easy and Fanny was quick to respond to any questions we had. The tour has been great and I would definitely recommend to my adventurous friends. Carlos has been a fabulous tour guide and has been very ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 09 2014

Yes Yes Yes

Amazing trek, maybe the best trip of my life and I made many trips. Really hard work out, so be prepared to push your boundaries. The nice crew was taking really good care of everybody. Feels like family. I recommend everyone to take this beautiful journey with Inca Trail Reservations - And make sure you have warm clothes with ... Continue Reading

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The Salkantay trek was a great experience. Carlitos, our king of the mountains, was the best guide. At first it was a bit cold but we had a great workup to Machu Picchu !
Don't underestimate it but even when you do, they got some horses to help you out. A great cook, great food and a strong horseman ... Continue Reading

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A real lifetime experience. I enjoyed the Salkantay trip so much. Summed up: great people, staff, views, experiences and fun ! We learned a lot about the Incas and their mountains - thanks to our awesome guides. You made this trip to a fabulous and informing 5 days !
The food was one big surprise. Out of only a ... Continue Reading

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Difficult but good

We booked this trek and arrived in Cusco at noon the day before the hike so we didn't have much time to acclimate to the hike. We were also the least prepared of the group.
This was a difficult hike even by the veteran hiker's standards. But the guides were very supportive and accommodating so we were able to ... Continue Reading

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Worth the rocks

This was a fabulous adventure ! We have yet to see Machu Picchu, which is the ultimate goal, yet we feel complete already. The Salkantay trek is a fantastic adventure - beautiful, educational, challenging, and tremendously fun.
My husband and I are in our early 50s. Yes, we were the oldest on the trek. Most of the other travelers ... Continue Reading

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Our amazing adventure

This trek was one of the best experiences of my life. The guides were so nice and very informative about the Peruvian culture and natural life. The cooks were very talented and made very yummy food ! There was more than enough at meal time but it is a good idea to bring energy bars for along the way.
... Continue Reading

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Unforgettable moments

The trip has been fantastic. The Salkantay trek is a much more challenging trek than I thought having climbed Kilimanjaro and the Atlas Mountains. I assumed that it would not be as hard and I wish I had trained more as the difference here is that you start the trek at a higher altitude than the others and so the ... Continue Reading

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My first trek

Once upon a time I decided to go on a trek and hence ended up in Salkantay ! Although not a starter trek it was an awesome trek and would definitely recommend it to anyone. We had beautiful views, amazing waterfalls, great summit, lagoon, jungles... The best part of the trek was the Salkantay pass and another 15 min walk ... Continue Reading

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My long walk, 50 plus

For the 50 and older crowd, this is a long, arduous trek. It is a wonderful experience and a great opportunity to test your fitness. Our trek totaled 42 miles, and was a great experience. The terrain was quite varied from alpine meadows to the jungles. Water was everywhere including great waterfalls and a glacial lake.
The peak elevation ... Continue Reading

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La Muerta

Coming into the trek having never hiked before, you could say that I bit off a little more than I could chew. The first day was one of the easiest, and yet I found quite a bit of difficulty doing it. From then onward though I was able to accommodate my needs appropriately, and the guides were very pleasant in ... Continue Reading

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Are you ready to conquer the Salkantay Trail ?

It was such a great experience and I can only recommend it to anybody who would like to challenge himself while enjoying the beautiful nature and culture of Peru.
The guides and as well all the other people on the trip are so lovely and they do everything to make your trip unforgettable. Especially, because I am lactose intolerant ... Continue Reading

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Once in a life time experience

The trip was a one of a life time ! The guides were so nice and helpful, the trail could be very difficult at times but they were there to help you every step of the way. The sights were breathtaking and truly amazing. The food was great, every meal and the locals nice.
The other members of the ... Continue Reading

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Amazing adventure

A truly amazing trek. The guides where very professional and nice. The trip would have not been the same without them. I would recommend everybody that is interested to have nice adventure to go with - Inca Trail Reservations. You won't be disappointed.
The food was also really nice and the guides did their best to make sure ... Continue Reading

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Over the mountain and through the jungle

We highly recommend this memorable adventure across the Salkantay pass and through the high jungle to the impressive approach to Machu Picchu ! This trek features remarkably diverse landscapes, from cold high glacial passes to warm humid jungle trails. What a perfect way to see the ancient land of the Inca.
Prepare appropriately for the temperature and altitude and ... Continue Reading