Peru vacation May 18 2014-4

Salkantay Trek

I greatly enjoyed doing the Salkantay trek with The hiking was definitely challenging, but the guides, cooks, and support staff were very helpful. I definitely appreciated that the cooking and camp setup were handled by the staff.
The first two days climbing up Salkantay are by far the most challenging and the most rewarding, so if you ... Continue Reading

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Salkantay 5 days / 4 nights

This trek was very rewarding and well run. The first two days are the most difficult in terms of physical challenge, as you begin at altitude of nearly 4000m and continue to climb to the highest point of the trip, the Salkantay pass at about 4700m.
At elevation the temperatures can get pretty cold at night, but once ... Continue Reading

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Zombie Lichens

I had a great trip on the Salkantay Trek. I felt both day one and two were challenging. Definitely acclimate to the altitude or take medication before the trek!
Our guide was Raul and was very helpful throughout the trek. He set a good pace for us hiking and gave decent time estimates for our hiking, which was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 18 2014-6

Salkantay Trek

The trek overall was great. The right level of challenging. They also used the first day to let you acclimate to hiking at altitude and gave a hard uphill hike that made the second day seem less difficult than it might have been otherwise.
It gets very cold at night, so make sure to bring layers, and definitely ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 19 2014

Salkantay Trek

The Salkantay trek was my first experience camping and trekking and it was a real test. The guide was funny and very accommodating making the experience more enjoyable.
The cooks and the food were amazing, they even baked me a delicious cake for my birthday ! The various camp sites were of a good standard and also meant ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 19 2014

Salkantay trek

This was my first time camping so it was an interesting trip to say the least.
The days were quite full on and it was more difficult than I was expecting. That said, it was a great experience and all in all the trip taught me to appreciate the basic necessities in life a lot more.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 20 2014-8

Trekking to Machu Picchu

The trip began the night before with an informative meeting where we went over everything that would happen during our hike. The two guides went over everything that we would need to bring and how to prepare.
The first morning started bright and early, but seeing the sun come up while driving was a beautiful experience. The hike ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 20 2014-6

The Adventure of a Liftetime

A cleansing adventure - for the mind, body, soul, and spirit. The guides and staff were friendly, caring, and informative.
The trip started with a strenuous trek that pushed limits and continued with a walk through the jungle under a warm rain. The Sumaq hotel is first class in every way. A welcome reception and resting place. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 20 2014-2

Salkantay Trek

This trek is quite an adventure! Over the 4 days you will experience chilly mountain passes and lush rain forests.
You will want to stop every couple of moments to photograph the breathtaking sights. It was a challenging, but rewarding experience that I am definitely glad I signed up for.
We got the rare treat to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 20 2014-2

Salkantay Adventure

The Salkantay Trek was an exciting and challenging adventure. Richard and Hilton were excellent guides and helped us along the route. The rain didn't stop us from having a good time. The landscape changed vastly from start to finish and this kept us interested through every twist and turn.
Our first day was spent preparing for the second ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 18 2014-1

Inca Trail 4D\3N

The Inca Trail was one of the most challenging, but satisfying hikes I have done in my life.
For me, the Inca Trail began with our guides, Victor and Marco. Both were dependable, friendly, and encouraging as the trail became more and more difficult. In addition to being adept at making their way through the trail, they were ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 08 2014-4

Salkantay Trek

Had a great time! My guide Carlos (Carlitos) was so much fun, always in a great mood and just a pleasure to be around!
The weather was amazing, providing a great view of the scenery as we walked through the forest. I was sick on the first day (unrelated to the Salkantay trek) and had to ride my ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 18 2014-1

Inka Trail Team Victor

The Inca Trail is much more difficult than advertised. However, our guides Victor and Marco were adept at making our journey exciting and culturally stimulating, even during the difficult portions (the Winnawanucca Pass for example). They were encouraging and knowledgeable about the archaeological sites along the way. In particular, learning about the Quechua and their involvement in the Inca Empire ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 18 2014

How Could You

Experience of a lifetime. If you're adventurous, love a challenge, meeting new people and want to see the amazing creations and mysteries of Inca time, this is the trip for you. Your group becomes your family for the next 4 days and 3 nights. You watch out for each other because the hike is strenuous and you also have to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 18 2014

Inka Trail Team Victor

I had a blast during this trip! It was a phenomenal experience and I would highly recommend others to try it out in the future.
The porters were very friendly and the tour guides, Victor and Marcos, were very knowledgeable and made the trip very enjoyable. It was a tough hike but I would not give up this ... Continue Reading