Machu Picchu trip December 10 2012

Best Hike of My Life

Cusco is the most fascinating city I have been to in my life. The city is surrounded by many Incan ruins that each have their own interesting story that connects them all together. I liked exploring the ruins and listening to the history and significance of each place. I spent two days before the Incan Trail tour exploring the ruins ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 28 2012

An experience of a lifetime

We really enjoyed the hike up to Machu Pichu which was an experience of a lifetime. The chef and porters at Inca Trail Reservations were extra hardworking and resourceful. They made creative and delicious food from the limited variety of ingredients that were available. The guides, Rueben and Maru were really helpful and supportive, especially to those in the group ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 02 2012

The Inca Trail

I have just come back from the 4 day trek to Machu Picchu. There are different things to say about doing this trek. There were especially two things which made a huge impact on how the trip was for me. First of all the trek itself was, well, much harder than I would have thought it to be - it ... Continue Reading

Peru trip Nov 11 2012-2

Extremely rewarding

The hike to Machu Picchu through inca trail reservations was extremely rewarding. Although physically challenging, it was a great experience. The food was amazing, guides were nice, and the other people in the group were very friendly. The aches and pains that were endured during the hike, were immediately forgotten by the majesty of Machu Picchu!
On day ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation Nov 11 2012

Incredible experience

Trekking the Inca Trail with the Inca Trail Reservations tour group was an incredible experience. From the food all the way to the treatment of the porters, Inca Trail reservations exceeded all of my expectations. The trek was not easy and it tested me physically, but the tour guides made each moment pleasurable by creating a "family" environment and loading ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Nov 21 2012-1

the inca trail

At the briefing I met my team and my guide Carlos. The induction was very informative and helpful. Carlos, was an amazing guide. He was very helpful and a lot of fun. It was so exciting to start the trek and the first day was easy walking. We visited six sites over all and Carlos was very informative and enthusiastic ... Continue Reading

Peru travel Nov 21 2012

Inca Trail 4 Days/3nights.

Inca Trail 4 Days/3nights.
The trek itself was very well organized. WE were told a lot of information about all the ruins along the way. In total I think we saw 6 ruins, which we were given free time to explore. The sleeping/eating accommodations were above expectations. The food provided was to a very high standard. Our Guide (Carlos) ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 14 2012

Salkantay trek

I had a great experience with this trek. Enjoyed the beautiful nature of the whole trek and most of all our guide Ernan was great and very helpful and friendly. The food was great, had a very good experience with food. Most of all every thing was orgenized except when we finished the trek and arrived at aguas calientes to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 14 2012

Salkantay Trail

The four day trek was just right for us. We ended up with a wonderful guide named Ernan. He was professional and familiar with the trail. Most of all he was very caring. We were the slowest of the entire group and Ernan always made sure we were okay.
This is not an easy trek. We ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 08 2012

thanks for a great trip

Inka Trail tour.
We decided in August that we wanted to do Peru, Andes and the Inka Trail. After a quick research we decided that your reservation, web page and way of paying was very easy, trustable and we send a suggestion. Ruth gave us a quick response and orientation about opportunities and process, date of registrations.
Ruth ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 10 2012

amazing trek

Having literally just arrived from the magnificent Machu Picchu approximately 30 minutes ago, I feel I can give a real honest and current account of this unbelievable adventure! I booked the 4 day Inca trail with a friend, we were unsure whether we had chosen the right company. However, from the first contact to the last drop off point in ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 10 2012

the Inca Trail trek

I really enjoyed the Inca Trail trek. It was the first time, I had ever done a trek, so I did not know what to expect. The trek was well planned and organized from the time that I booked the trek. A list of all of the equipment and the information was sent to me before hand which helped a ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 28 2012-1

Machu Picchu – An Adventure of a lifetime!

Thank you to Inca Trail Reservations for an amazing experience and for helping me to conquer a personal challenge!
This trek was so far outside of my comfort zone and but for the support of the wonderful guides (Ruben and Marujita) may not have been possible. The guides were supportive and kept me going when I thought ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 28 2012

A rewarding Experience

I highly recommend the inca trail, four days and three nights to machu pichu. it was a very rewarding experience. The hike was enduring. Day two was the most difficult as it was all up hill. The weather ranges from very hot to very cold where you will bare sunburn, major rain falls and also hail.
The guides were ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 22 2012

The Inca Trail: Trek Away!

It was a great experience!
I always felt very safe with my guides. All three of them made sure there was head count and no one was left unaccounted for. It is definitely a difficult 4 day hike and trek overall with its ups and downs. Keep at your own pace. The 2nd day on Dead ... Continue Reading