Machu Picchu trip October 23 2017-3

Sexy Llama

What a beautiful adventure I had in the last 4 days. Visiting this country is been one of my favourite so far. The people are very humble and hard worker. Choosing Inca trail and specially with Inka trail reservation ha sido mi mejor election en este hermoso pais. Me llevo buenos amigos, agradecida de el trabajo de los porters (super ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 23 2017-2

Sexy llama

Hiking the Inca Trail has been my favorite travel experience. Ever was the greatest tour guide during our trek and definitely kept everyone in a positive mood and encouraged us to continue even when the trail was very challenging. The porters and the cook did an amazing job and i was more and more impressed everyday by the job they ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 23 2017-4

Sexy llama rama!!!

I have been so amazed by the quality of this trip. Everything was so amazing! Ever and the entire staff were unbelievebly helpful and caring. Today was my birthday and it was the best birthday of my life. The chef managed to bake a cake for me in the middle of the trail. The food was excellent and all the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 23 2017-3

Sexy lama rama

4 well organised days and an awesome guide! Ever knew so much information and made everyone feel so comfortable and confident. Even the slower people. We had amazing time, great people to travel with and Ever was the best guide Ever.
The first day was ok, second was hard because we had a big 15kg backpack but we made ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 23 2017-1

Sexy Llama

Best and challenging experience of my life. So fortunate to have had a great group and Ever, our tour guide. The views and explinations of each site were more than i expected. My best part of the trip was day 3 because of the view but found day 2 to be the most difficult but most rewarding. No matter what ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 23 2017-2

Sexy Llamarama

Our Inca Trail adventure was fantastic! Our group was great. The porters were amazing and made us feel very welcome. Our chef was fantastic. It was truly astounding the good food they cooked up for us. The fried trout was my favorite! And Ever just made everything even better. He was informative, supportive, and a great guide to have. He ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 23 2017

Sexy llama-rama

This has been the most difficult thing i have ever done in my entire life. That being said, i know i would never have made it through this without Ever and the great porters. The food served was absolutely excellent. I ate better food on the trip than i did at most places in cusco. The people we were paired ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 21 2017

Shanita loco

This was bar far the most AMAZING experience I have ever done. From the very beginning Marco was an excellent mentor, tour guide and now amigo. The knowledge he obtains is incredible and it was a pleasure to listen to every fact and story he told us. Starting off I knew we were in good hands, from the get go ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 21 2017-2


An amazing experience shared with a great group of people and great tour guides! I was very impressed by the quality and quantity of the food offered on the trek defiantly well needed energy for the long walks! Marco was a very good guide who had an abundance of information about the inka culture, their history, the geography of cusco ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 21 2017-1


What an incredible and unforgettable experience! I enjoyed every moment of our Inca Trail. Our guides Marco and Wilbur and the team of porters and our chef Oso looked after us so so well and it was such a good and positive experience. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it. The tents and sleeping bags and mats ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 19 2017

Historic Inka, food and fun

The tour was fantastic. Our guide, Ceasar, was incredibly knowledgable about all aspects of the Inkas. The porters always had everything ready from our long hikes through the beautiful bending trail and the food was a gastronomic feast! I want to do it all again! The best part of the trip must be the final day when we were in ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 19 2017

Nice experience

Han sido 4 dias intensos, lleno de aventura, lugares fantasticos como arqueologia inca que nunca habia visto anteriormente. Hemos sido un grupo de 6 personas, donde nuestro guia Cesar nos ha tratado como hermanos, muy amigable, explicando historias de la cultura inca y amenizando las cenas con el grupo.
El equipo de porteadores ha sido también un excelente equipo. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 18 2017

Amazing adventure

The four day Inxa Trail was amazing with this company !!! . Just back from an increible 4 day hike along the Inca Trail Reservations .
small groups , personal service; a real off - grid experience . Unbeliable scenery and rich history is a given but i was surpreised that the food was some of the best ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 18 2017

Machu pikachu!

Eloy, Felix and the team took us on a fantastic 4 day inca trail trek. From start to finish we were incredibly well looked after. The food, the company, the teaching about the Inca culture, and the equipment provided was top notch and I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering visiting Machu Picchu. It is definitely not the easiest ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 16 2017-1

Lydias sexy lamar trip

The Inca trail trek was something i will never forget,was such An unforgettable and amazing trip. Something i will remember for the rest of my life.
I did not know what to expect to begin with but it wAs something you can not prepare yourself for.
Every dAy was different and challanged me more. ... Continue Reading