First Andes trek

I had heard about this trek from a friend of mine who had done this trip several years ago. She really enjoyed the Salkantay trek and highly recommended Inca Trail Reservations / Salkantay.Org. We picked the 8 day package and were helped online and by phone by Mabel who got us lined up very efficiently.
Our guide was Carlos ... Continue Reading

My trek to Machu Picchu

My first trip to Peru was epic. Cuzco was awesome; a bit of culture mixed with a ton of charm. We walked around in the friendly streets seeking out new things for our senses, colors and textures sweet smells and sounds of happy people everywhere. After a few days of acclimating to thin but clean and refreshing mountain air we ... Continue Reading

A good time was had by all

Our guide Carlos provided an excellent tour incorporating both his knowledge of the local vegetation and geography and native language. He was also passionate and knowledgeable of Incan tradition and religion which was willing to share. His English was excellent and we had many good laughs around the meal tables.
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If a gringa can do it …

This was the experience of a lifetime ! I decided to do the trek with my dad and it's a trip we'll remember for the rest of our lives. From high snowy peaks to cloud rainforest full of luscious vegetation and delicious meals, this trip had it all.
Carlos was knowledgeable about the fauna and Inca history, as well ... Continue Reading

Un reve de plus

On ne sait jamais ... Maintenant, je sais ! Accompagnee par Inca Trail Reservations -, je suis a la veille de decouvrir le Machu Picchu,avec hâte... Depuis notre depart, pour le treck salcantay, ce n'est qu'enchantement..
Nous beneficions d'un suivi ou les attentions de notre guide, des cuisiniers ,des porteurs nous font oublier que nous venons d'acceder a ... Continue Reading

Superbe trek

Bonjour, I hiked this with mon Cherie from France. The "comida" was an experience par excellance, although we spent more money on potable water than on cooked snails, soufflé and commemorative t-shirts combined.
Our group was nice and petit, which was a distinct positive given that after 4 days sleeping in the Horseshit Field of Dreams and encountering more ... Continue Reading

Hipster hikers and learning to pack

Leave all hope for a solitary walk through the jungles and ancient ruins in whatever Belgian university cafe you first planned this trip in. It was arduous but not incredibly so; I saw a grown man hike for 5 days wearing ball-tight skinny jeans just large enough for his "equipment" and a pack of Lucky Strike Menthols.
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Backpacks and blisters

Sleeping bags. Hiking boots. Tents. No showers. If these are things you aren't used to then this is probably not the trek for you. I have never slept in a sleeping bag and have never not showered for four days but the trek on the Salkantay trail was one of the most rewarding adventures that I have ever been on. ... Continue Reading

Beautiful scenery

I very much enjoyed the trek. A great group and a great guide ! The uphill on the second day was a killer, but worth it at the top - a most spectacular view !
The different scenery we walked through was beautiful and our knowledgeable guide made it all the better by informing us about the flora and ... Continue Reading

A$$ kicking

I loved my trek ! Carlos was amazing and very passionate about his tour. We loved the intensity and views of all the different points. There was plenty to see along the way. Our group was a great group and we all had a lot of fun.
I would recommend this trek to anyone that was visiting Peru. I ... Continue Reading


I very much enjoyed my trip. The experience was good and rewarding. While the hike was difficult, it did have a great reward at the end. The food was well prepared and delicious and our guide was very knowledgeable and amiable.
The campsites were just OK, there were a ton of tourists and a lot of younger kids that ... Continue Reading

Pisco !

This was my first trip to both Peru and Machu Picchu. It surpassed all of my expectations. Our guide, Carlos Perez was an amazing, knowledgeable and humorous man who made our group feel like a family. The crew who carried our packs and the cooks made us feel safe and at home.
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Machu Pisco

I have willing to come to Machu Picchu for the past 10 years and finally this dream became reality ! I was very impressed with the organization of the tour, the food and everything that was arranged to please us. Cusco and Aguas Calientes are very neat and interesting towns with a lot to see.
Our guide was Carlos ... Continue Reading

No more uphill !

I had a really truly wonderful time on the Inca Trail finishing in Machu Picchu, Cuzco, Peru. I found walking uphill on millions, millions and millions of steps so hard, but the beautiful and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, vegetation and mountains meant that every single second was worth it in the end !
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Mi preferido

Had an amazing time on the Inca Trail. The group was fun (and nice and small) and our guide, Lizandro, was great value and provided lots of jokes. The food was incredible and the porters worked incredibly hard for our benefit. I really enjoyed the route and the challenge provided by the hills, especially on the second day.
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