Peru travel July 30 2015-8

Ouch, I’m not sure if can sit

We really enjoyed this trip . It's hard when you're middle agend but worth it. ! Be sure to
train before you trip .
This was my 50th birthday celebration and my son's graduation present .
The guides were very helpful and patient. They spoke English, Spanish and even a little
French !! . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 29 2015

Wow! I’m glad I visited Peru now!

This was a great trip! It helps to have someone who knows the area, and Victor was incredibly helpful. The food was great too! .
The scenery was great, but brace yourself for the first night and the second day. It gets a bit chilly and then exhausting. I would definitely recommend using the services that this company provides, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 27 2015-3

Amazing aventure

i went to Machu Pichu with my two amigos ( dar agh and adrien) and it was absolutely amazing ! We had an amazing guide ( Victor) which showed us the best time here in Peru ! Our cook, Raul, cooked us amazing typical dishes which kept us going during the amazingly challenging trek up to Salkantay glacier ! All ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 27 2015-2

The salkantay feast

best trek ever, amazing food (we had soup everyday, chicken, fish, beef and other typical peruvian dishes).
The trek is tough on the second, day, we hiked 10 hours to 4700 altitude but the rest was much easier. The guide, cooks and hormsemen were brilliant and took great care of us.
The hike itself was insanely beautiful including ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 27 2015-2

Tres amigos on Salkantay

I would like to express how satisfied I was with the Salkantay trek. I did the trek with two friends and we had a great time.
Victor was an exceptional guide, always ready to help and to reply to our various questions. The food prepared by Raul througout was really tasty and helped us recover from ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015-2

We smell just fine!

Edwin and Marco
Are perfect guides, they are knowledgable, and respectful of Pruvian culture and are proud to share that with us. Our guides made sure that one was leading us and following us at all times. They were very safety conscious and were always making sure that we had enough water and food. We had a great experience ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015-7

Four of a kind

I've been waiting months for Inca trail. I was looking at pictures on the internet and watching youtube videos. I got so exited that time went by really fast. I now have a bunch of great memories. First of all, I had lots of fun meeting everybody and seeing what we have in common. Second of all, i had a ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 30 2015-3

In to the footsteps of the inka’s

we did the 4 days Inkatrail with inka travel reservations. It was a great experience. We started and the 82 km checkpoint. In the beginning it was not difficult. We walked all together. At noon we get are first meal. It was fantastic. In the afternoon we walked further to the campsite. The weather was very good. When we arrived ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 30 2015-1

Family adventure

What an amazing adventure to share with my family. My brother and I decided to take our families on the Incan trail before the kids graduate and leave home and we are so glad we did. Everyone had an amazing time and was continually in awe of both the scenery and the hard working guide group that accompanied us. The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 30 2015

james inca

The trip was absolutely amazing. It was an amazing experience. I would definitely do the trip again with more days. Both Edwin and Marco were amazing guides. The information they gave was really interesting, and was told in a way that was easy to understand. Another thing I liked is that they didn't stay in an area for too long ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015-6

It hurt so good

As an experienced hiker, I knew we were in for a challenge. The Inca Trail experience
Is worthwhile for all. Our camping, dining, and hiking experiences were amazing. We were well briefed on the expectations on each day and were well looked after while allowing personal paces to be set. The weather and explanations on route were excellent. We ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 30 2015-1


The Inca trail was one of my top favorite parts of the 14 days we have been in Peru. The third day was my favorite day of the trek because we didn't have to walk up for hours and hours in high altitude. We had the opportunity to see all types of the Peruvian environment. The cave on the third ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015-4

Breaking Chairs

First of all I'd like to thank Edwin and Marco for the amazing adventure and the incredible friendships we have created over the past four days. As I sit at lunch with my new found friends, I think about all of the things we have done together in such a little time. Through the ups and the downs, the being ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 30 2015-5

what a trip !

We had a great trip to our final destination Machu Picchu. It was hard, warm, steep but also funny and worth it. Sometimes I said ah. The first day was rather easy, but the second day was really hard. On the top we had an amazing view. We saw the snow. The third day was very long but total different. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 30 2015-2

one’s in a life time experience

The tour was very nice. I learned a lot on the trip about the Inkas, their culture, their way of living, where a building was used for. The guide explained everything very well. It was very interesting and nice to listen to the story of a building. The trip was hard (especially the second day, the dead woman pass) but ... Continue Reading