Peru vacation September 16 2016-2

Dios Mio lets squat!!!!

Hi guys!!. My name is Christine from California USA!!!! Me and my friend/coworker named Shirley and my awesome boyfriend JR went to peru to hike the inca trail with the company Inca Trail Reservations!!.
The company was so professional, fun, and so friendly and nice, beyond our expectations!!. I am very happy that I signed up with ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 16 2016-5

The worst 4 days of my life!

They told us to put a funny title, so I put "the worst 4 days of my life" LOL! 😄. It is though, but it's all worth it!.
With the people I did the hike with and the tour guides as well. Ronnie, Marco, and Maria took really good care of us up there, they are all ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016-3

Stair master trail

I came into this hike with minimal hiking experience. I have done some day hikes and live In the Rockie mountains.
This was my first over night hiking trip i have completed. The first day was 12.5km and we saw our first inca ruins and passed a lot of local Villages and farmers. The second day was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 16 2016-2

Inca Flat

This was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life! Thé Inca crew, porters and guides, fellow hikers, and my familly all contributed to thé gréât success of this hike.
Day 1 was à nice light introduction into thé difficulties to come, slept great and was well refreshed for day 2. Day 2 is by far ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 16 2016-2

Llama life

Coming into the trip I wasn't sure what to expect. I was blown away by the amazing views and trails and the friendly guides tell you about everything!.
This was such a rewarding trek up (way up), down (way down), over rocks and through tunnels. I trained a bit prior but I worked my butt off for ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 09 2016-9

Excellent trail

The guide were excellent ! ! , they were very knowledgeable, always kept us safe and were funny and nice . I'll miss our guides .
the food was incredible !!! , I am still in awe of how they made all of the delicios food , The gear was great !! and the tents were picthed very well ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 05 2016-4

Amazing cook

The trek was amazing , the view was absolutely astonishing and even though it was hard at time , I am so happy i did this trek . Our Henry Guide was excellent and we also had an amazing cook ! .
The best trip I've ever taken , Inca Trail Reservations really made it amazing they ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 07 2016-3

Ein Erlebnis

Die führer und köche war wirklich fantastisch , sehr professionell , hifsbereit , kompetent und hilfsbereit .
Das war wirklich eine der besten erfahrungen meines lebens !!! . Die aussicht war absolut atemberaubend und obwohl es manchmal schwierig war , ich bin so froh , dass du diese expedition tat . Marco und Edwin waren hervorragende führer ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 07 2016-5

Rosmanie inca trail

Mit Edwin und Marco als guide waren sehr angenehm , hilfsbereit , freundlich und firlirhn und alle als eine familie durch die 4 tage das Essen was sehr gut und alle portes sehr freundlich .
Wir waseir alle zusammen eine tolle gruppe . Edwin gab sehr gute informelionen us den sehr vielen hothepunnktin .
Es was alles ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 07 2016-2

awesome time

I've read a lot about the Inca Trail before arriving to Peru .at the staf of thr trail , I felt great. amazing crews !!! .
Day1 , is the easier day once arrived at our campsite , I was quite impressed tents were set up, tea time , then dinner food was great on day 2 ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 07 2016-5

Magical place

Day 1 , First day , I missed the time , but it got ok thanks to the woman at the hotel receptionist . Then the hole time ok to first camp .
Day 2 , The toughest day , but so with it on the end , nice "Gang"
Day 3, A long ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 07 2016-3

My personal experience

This was a once in a life experience and i am so happy with every aspect of my experience.
It was incredible the first day started out nigh because i was feeling ill that morning , but by the afternoon of day 1 , i was feeling a lot better i learned to come peruvian flat and i am ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 07 2016-2

Great adventure

My personal experience was incredible !!! . My group , guides , porters were all amazing .
I would definitely recommend Inca Trail Reservations to my friend and amily . I thinks that this was put together very well and in turn , my experience was better than i could have ever expected !! . Not to mention , ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 07 2016-1

I loveed it !!

The has been one of the most challenging and enjoyable treks of understalan to date absolutely lvoved it all , even throug an the steps going up .
The guides made us feel very relaxed and together as a group fa the start of the trip and of feel of have made way now friends, incliding the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 07 2016-2

Magnificent group

Day 1, Was an exciting begining to an adventure my friends and i had been planing for about one year . It was good to meet the rest of the group and our guide, Edwin introduced a little about himself and invited the other guides and our group to the same.
Day2 , ia was apprensive about climbing the ... Continue Reading