40 years later

Returning to Peru after40 years to finally see. A sight missed the first time namely y Machu Picchu the company entablen this tohappen in a by fin fashion that included the Salkantay aTrek asa altntivetotjo IncoTrek.
The Guide was vy knowledgeable and th cooks did An impressive Job catering to our vegetarian diet. The equipment managed worked silent ... Continue Reading


Machu Pichu is an amazing piece of human history. I am glad to see it preserved so well.
The arrangements by our company were also extremely good. I do have complaints about the list of things to bring. They recommended so many things but they could not fit into our weight allowance. So we spent money buying them, bringing ... Continue Reading

Amazing Inca Trail

The toughest but most rewarding four days of my life. The views are breathtaking, the challenge is huge but the overall reward is immeasurable, reaching the Sun Gate on the morning of the fourth day to catch a first glimpse of Machu Picchu was one of my proudest moments. You are warned that the second day is the hardest and ... Continue Reading

The landscapes are breath !!

As an amateur hiker, this trek was tough but well worth it. There are some steep inclines and declines at high altitudes making strenuous activities more difficult .
The landscapes are breath taking from snow capped mountains to luscious rain forests, the experience is one in a life time . Our guide, Jorge, was very knowledgable and did an ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 27 2015

We made it finally

toughest challenge In my life so far. This was a family bonding experience. Loved it all the way. There was a time to quit but our tour guide made us stay on track.
Our guide and the team made the difference. Loved it. Great team and great team. Loved it. Came across somebody with a bad experience. They were ... Continue Reading

Hike, hike hike

Left me very impressed with what Inca engineering is capable of with no tools just human power ,wow .
If you decide to do the hike be ready to sweat a lot and make sure you're in great shape ! We have to say that our guide and porters are the best ! We couldn't have done it without ... Continue Reading

Just made it

Had a great trip on the Salkantay trek. It was very challenging from the beginning with the altitude but once my body got used to the height it was great.
It's a good fitness test and a great way to see Peru. The highlight for me was the gradual change in landscape from rolling hills, to snowy ... Continue Reading

3 bad hikers vs Salkantay

All in all it was an amazing experience to do the Salkantay trek. As 3 Brits, unexperienced at hiking we went into the trek not knowing really what lay ahead but were continuously surprised by the diversity of the landscape that we passed on our trek.
Day one the best thing we did was a trek up to ... Continue Reading

Three Brits via Salkantay

Taking the private 4 day trek to MP was a great decision. Our guide Miguel was very informative, easy going, and adapted to our needs including us in planning the days itineraries.
Highlights for us (3 British guys approx 27) were Umantay Lake near the end of our first day (recommend taking a walk over the ridge!); the ... Continue Reading

Inca Adventure

Four unbelievable days. Firstly I would like to thank our guide Miguel. Informative, funny, caring, helpful and incredibly friendly - by far our best tour guide in the whole of South America. Secondly the porters.
All very friendly and I have huge admiration and respect for how they manage to carry all our camping equipment and food.I am incredibly ... Continue Reading

Inca trail adventure!!!

We loved our experience on the Inca Trail Treck.The challenges we faced were truly rewarding and the food was delicious .
The accommodations were wonderful. Our guide Miguel was great, very knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Our porters deserve our complete gratitude for their hard work!! This trip would not have been possible without them, I just can't say enough ... Continue Reading

Wonderful experience !!!

Had a wonderful experience with everyone on our trek. Miguel was a great guide who would always make sure everyone was ok.
We always had time to take photos and rest as well as being told about archaeological sites along the trek.The porters were incredible and always had everything ready for us whenever we arrived - ... Continue Reading

machu machu man

Machu Picchu was amazing. Unfortunately missed the Inca Trail due to a combination of my girlfriends weak immune system and Peruvian cheese, was delighted though when we caught up with the rest of the group at the sun gate.
Will attempt Inca Trail again in the future as everyone else loved it.Lizandro was knowledgable and lovely. The panoramic ... Continue Reading

The view of Machu Picchu !!!

After falling ill the night before the trek, I was devastated to miss out. However, I did manage to meet up with the group at the Sun Gate on the final day, thanks to Inca Trail Reservations helping with alternate arrangements.
The walk down from there was fantastic, the view of Machu Picchu in the distance was worth ... Continue Reading

This girly girl made it!

This was truly a once in a lifetime experience! From the start, the orientation was so informative! Juan Carlos (our guide) broke down the entire trek so we knew what to expect. It took a lot of the jitters away.
During the adventure, we were treated like royalty with five star meals and an attention to detail comparable ... Continue Reading