Peru vacation August 18 2016-3

Great time

Overall the organization of the trip was good . Everything wonder fine and we felt well .
The hike was wonderful . The nature and vegetation is incredible. Also , the food was incredible, during walking , the guide walked very fast , so it was not really posible to stop once in a while , . The trek ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 19 2016-4

Awesome Adventure Tackling the Crazy Demanding Inca Trail

Once in a Lifetime Experience that challenges the mind and body. With every step after Day 2 the body screams out but the view makes up for it. The people I trekked with were fabulous and truly made it memorable for me. We had a great guide too who helped keep us going by telling us white lies about how ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 18 2016-1

Unbelievable experience

The salkantay trek was an unbelievable experience . The scenery is out of this world . so many different colours and textures . A great way to connect with nature and get to know yourself better .
Our guide Eloy was amazing his extensive knowledgeable on the local traditions and cultures took our experience to a whole ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 20 2016

Vis ma vie d’inca

De la souffrance, de la sueur, des cris et des larmes (de joie et de fierté). Voilà ce qui vous attends si vous avez le courage d'affronter le chemin de l'inca !!!!!
Une experience qui vous fera vous dépasser, vous confronter à vos limites physiques et surtout mentales.
Avec pour récompense la vision du lever du soleil sur ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 18 2016

A lifetime experience

This trip was been an amazing experience !! . The Salkantay pass is a lifetime experience . while an great guide Eloy !! .
The guide Eloy has great personality and pleasure to talk to, his knowledgeable is amazing , he is an asset to your company ,The trek was fantastic organization could have been a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 20 2016-5


I cannot recommend this Trek enough. The porters will leave you astonished and in awe of the physicality of their role.
To Watch men close to 50years old runnimg treachorus mountain landscape with 25kg on their back, while you have a backpack less than a third, sucking in oxygen with every step. What more can I say. The food ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 20 2016-2


Hell of a trip! Thank you so much for your kind hospitality. You were great hosts and really portrayed the kind nature of the Peruvian people.
I had reservations about how much I would enjoy treking uphill at altitude before coming, but the trek has ended up being the highlight of my ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 20 2016-1

Inka trail

Dear all,
My first time in Peru. Amazing country and so much outdoor to share.
Memory of a lifetime.
Inka trail was a must. Very fascinating, still slightly tougher than expected.
Tour operator was professional and very caring, no problems or issues during the trip.
Enough stops and services during the entire hike. Several stops ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 20 2016

Comment perdre son genoux

1. Essayez de vous convaincre que vous pouvez le faire
2. Vous entraînez avant
3. Essayer de suivre le groupe sans réelle réussite
4. Être habituer à marcher sans pose
5. Avoir de bons repas à l'arrivée
6. Admirer le courage des porteurs
7. Les remerciées pour tout ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 20 2016-3

The next tape: the Everest

Before the trail, it will be easy! I will flying like a condor up hill the step. First day! My illusion are intact and I m running like a puma.
Second day! I take conscience that Peru is discovering step by step with a heavy walk . I m break my wind! The serpent is back! ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 20 2016-2


Una aventura espectacular que la estuve esperando desde hace mucho, me la habían pintado de muchas maneras pero otra cosa és cuando la vives directamente.
Realmente excitante de principio a fin, demanda mucho sacrificio si, pero vale la pena: gozar de los excelentes paisajes, las numerosas ruinas, ver las estrellas en la noche . Realmente increíble a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 20 2016

How to hate her best friend!!

1/ la laisser vous convaincre de faire un trail de 4jours au Machupicchu
2/ essayer de la suivre puis abandonner arrive a 3000 meters d altitude
3/ monter et descendre des marches Sans pouvoir admirer le paysage car des que vous arrivez le groupe repart .
4/ la voir courir tout le long du trek Alors ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 20 2016-1

How to do to French people hate you

1: tell they about an awesome trek in Peru.
2: start walking, when you see that someone star crying you are in the good way.
3: make them climb 1200 meters in 3 hours if no one can breath you are doing excellent.
4: after climb down 3000 steps, show them the most amazing sky plenty of ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 20 2016-2

Schöner und leichter als erwartet

Eine Reise nach Peru ohne Besuch des Machupicchu kam für mich nicht in Frage. Das berühmte spirituelle Zentrum der Inkas wollte ich unbedingt sehen.
Obwohl meine Fitness nicht gerade die beste war und ich mit 54 Jahren auch nicht mehr die Jüngste bin, buchte ich die Trekkingtour. Eine grossartige Entscheidung. Es war unbeschreiblich, beeindruckend schön.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 20 2016

I survived!

1. Day: leaving early in the morning we drove to the first checkpoint. Passing a bridge we started the adventure! Going up and down we enjoyed the first day with good weather.
2. Day: wow, this day was hard. But with a lot of breaks it was possible!! Arriving at our camp I just fell asleep :D I ... Continue Reading