Peru trip August 03 2016

Honeymoon adventures

My new wife always wanted to go to Machu Picchu and we decided to go for our honeymoon.
We opted for the Salkantay trail and loved the beautiful landscapes and authentic experience. Juan, our guide, was super amazing and helpful. He made sure we woke up with a brewing hot cup of coca tea ( helps with the altitude) ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 03 2016

Feet are killing me but worth it!

The trip was amazing. The views during the salkantay trek are unbelievable and i feel like I got a taste of what it was like to walk from Cusco to Macchu Picchu during the incan times (though I'm sure they didn't have the luxury of prepared meals and hot showers!).
Seeing Macchu Picchu for the first time after ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 03 2016-5

Up and down

It was a great experience and an exiting adventure to walk the inka trail, four days to Machu Picchu.
The landscape was so beautiful and amazing. The high mountains, the vegetation and the animals... A dream.
The hike was very hard... Up and down and a lot of steps...
Our guide was really nice. He explained ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 03 2016

Up and down to Macchu Picchu

We had an amazing experience doing the four day inca Trail to Machu Picchu.
Ate first the only slightly negative thing was the organisation before the start of the trek. we just have been informed one day before our hike to meet up in the evening. First the manager itself came by and not the guide and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 03 2016-3

Sexy llamas

I started my Macchu Piccu trip with an audible, a strike caused the trip to start at midnight instead of leaving in the morning. Watching our porters assemble our tents with just headlights while we waited in the bus, i knew we were in great hands. All i Heard was how difficult day 2 would be, Jorge our guide gave ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 03 2016

Great adventure

It was a very tough but in the end a very rewarding trek. While the first day starts off with a relatively easy trek, the difficulty really ramps up on the second day. The views that you get a chance to see during the trek on the inca trail are definitely worth all of the sore legs, shoulders, and toes ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 03 2016-3

Do the hike

Hi. I just completed the 4 day 3 night hike to Machu Picchu. It was great, going in we were all told by a Hostel roommate that we would see amazing things on the hike, stuff that bus and train riders would miss out on. We totally saw things so amazing that Machu Picchu seemed like the icing on an ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 02 2016


Ik moet zeggen dat ik enorm tegen de inca trail opzag. Het was wel iets dat ik graag wilde doen, omdat ik van mijn neefje hoorde hoe mooi het was.
Wij waren gelukkig al een week eerder in Peru, zodat we aan de hoogte konden we we wennen. Desalnietemin heb ik behoorlijk last gehad van de ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 02 2016

Impresionante camino inca

Experiencia increíble !!! . Hay que hacerlo al menos una vez en la vida Recomendable 100%.
Hay que valorar el trabajo que hace toda la gente que llevas alrededor, increíble su trabajo y dedicación, sin ellos no lo hubiéramos conseguido.Paisajes maravillosos, gente espectacular, que mas se puede pedir .
Recomiendo a todo el mundo que viva ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 02 2016-1

Peace of cake??

De inca tour was ongeloofelijk mooi, maar moeilijker dan verwacht. Je grenzen verleggen, dat is wel een ding, maar daar is echter ook niets mis mee. De eerste dag was alles nog best easy going. De tweede dag was helaas enorm bikkelen. Gelukkig veel steun van de groep en de gidsen, maar uiteindelijk komen we iedere dag weer goed aan. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 02 2016-1

Camino inca

Sin duda la experiencia más excitante de mi vida. Dando gracias a Dios y a todo el grupo por haberla podido vivir.
Sin duda la recomiendo a todo el mundo. Ha sido un camino duro pero con la ayuda de todos todo fue mucho más fácil.El trato ha sido excelente y me he sentido como en casa. Perú es ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 02 2016

Machu Picchu

Onvergetelijke ervaring die we niet snel zullen vergeten. Van prachtige uitzichten morgen genieten en veel leuke mensen ontmoet. Super verzorgd door de gidsen, koks en porters. Thanks so much, I appreciate a lot inca trail reservations, I will be recommending this company all my friends and my family. For me the first day was very easy and amazing landscape with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 02 2016

Great trip

I really liked de trip ! .The first day was good to do. The second day was a difficult one going up for a long time and then down.
The third day was a more relaxed day. We've stayed at a very nice campsite! Because we stayed a camping site earlierer then we should we hat to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 02 2016

Great Inca Trail Experience

The trip in total was really, really good. The guides were good at dividing the group, so that everybody got a good experience according to fitness level.
The food was amazing - this was really a high light and we were in general very expressed with the porters. They are working very hard. There was a change ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 21 2016

Great adventure

The salkantay trek was great adventure and it did not disappoint . Over the 4 days . I saw some of the most inspiring view , incredibly diverse the majesty of Macu Picchu .,
Really the trek is difficult and will challenge you in every way possible , but with keen guidance of our knowledgeable tour ... Continue Reading