Peru travel December 06 2014

Titi hunters

I enjoyed very much, excellent service, I will come back in spirit. Muchas gracias. Hiking rules. I will do it again someday. I enjoyed the cake and the beer in South America, is cool. Zip lining is very cool to do, lots to do and great sights all around the city.
The altitude sickness is prevalent so take care ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 08 2014-1

Do the Salkantay

When I told a friend about my upcoming trip to Peru he advised me to skip the more touristic Inca Trail and to opt for the Salkantay trail instead. He couldn't have been more right. During five days our group of 9 people was spoiled with majestic views, rough nature and real trekking.
I can recommend this trip for ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 06 2014

We rock as a team

This journey was amazing, I had a great time Señor Victor was host to us all. Muchas gracias. The cooks were terrific too . I enjoyed every moment as every new corner turned there was something different to do.
I recommend this team to anyone as they are very knowledgeable about their environment and the great Machu Picchu. Oh ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 08 2014

Titi hunters adventure

What a great 4 days ! Víctor was very helpful and funny... Yes, "excelente amigos" ! Diverse group from everywhere - the family. Good memories, short breath, grilling the disco chickens at the party, 4600 m high - lets do it again ! Can't wait for Machu Picchu tomorrow - "chocatela" !
Lucky with the weather, thunders at night, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 08 2014

Amazing experience

Wow. What an amazing time this was hiking the Salkantay trail. Victor was a great guide and had so much patience with all the different paces and personalities of our group. The food was delicious and plentiful. Even with all the workout of hiking for hours, I fear I gained a few pounds.
The scenery was magnificent. I took ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 04 2014

Llama sutra – 2014

Thoroughly enjoyed. A truly amazing experience. Highly recommend this tour to anyone.
The staff did an excellent job. The porters worked like troopers and are super tough ! Modesto the chef should open a five star restaurant in Cusco. Paul and Ronnie our guides were extremely knowledgeable, very friendly and extremely enthusiastic. They made the trip an absolute blast, ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 04 2014-4

Ladies of the mountains

I had an awesome Inca Trail ! 4 days of challenging stairs up and down, as well as "Inca flat" (secret: it's not flat). But it is way more than worth it !
Guide Paul always had interesting stories to tell about history, the environment or whatever. He is very passionate about the mountains and the trek which is ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 04 2014-5

Llama sutra

The Inca Trail of 4 days / 3 nights was absolutely amazing. The trek is tough but 100% worth it. The views from the trail are spectacular and arriving after the four days of hard work; rewarding is an understatement. The guys from Inca Trail Reservations were totally amazing as well. The porters did everything to make it comfortable for ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 04 2014-3

43 km of craziness

My Machu Picchu Inca Trail experience was amazing ! 4 days and 3 nights. This hike was so rewarding when I was finished. 43 km of craziness ! And so many steps, especially the Gringo Killer steps, they were so hard ! We started out hiking Inca flats the 1st day, 2nd day were all the steps going up to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 04 2014-1

Entertaining experience

The Inca Trail was awesome ! Yes, it was challenging with endless stair cases, steep climbs and not very flat "Inca flats", however, the hike was overall very rewarding. When you are surrounded by adventurous gringos representing various parts of the world who make the entire experience entertaining you almost forget about how many more stairs you have to climb ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 04 2014-5

Wow moments

What an experience with an amazing group and great guides. Day 1 was all about the easy trip and the best mafia tea party with the ladies of the night. Day 2 started off with a lot of sweating and swearing taking on Dead's Woman Pass but with our awesome group we finished with smiles all around after a group ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 04 2014-3

Recommended trip

Wow... No words, photos or stories can explain what an amazing adventure this 4 day trek has been.
Day 1 had me concerned with the weather when it started raining however the drizzle soon passed and the day turned out pretty decent. Day 2 was a tough day with hundreds and thousands and millions of stairs. My legs were ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 04 2014-4

Lots of laughs and fun

Awesome. Possum. That about describes it ! Half way up to the Dead Woman's Pass you start to question your life choices. But once you get to the Sun Gate, it's totally worth it.
We had an awesome group. Lots of fun and jokes ! Great hike and a lot of laughs in the camps at the end of ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 04 2014-10

5 blisters

Bad shoes, awesome adventure ! Best abuse of my feet one could imagine. 4 amazing days of expertly guided trek in route to Machu Picchu. Porters, guides and cooks, made this trip a once in a lifetime adventure not to miss.
Started with limited knowledge of the Machu Picchu mystery and after four days of immersion trekking to the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 04 2014-9

Ladies of the night

Hiking the Inca Trail was definitely not easy, but it has been the best experience and I am so glad that I did it. My dad and I love doing adventurous things and this sounded perfect for us. The porters and guides that were helping us were the cutest and sweetest Peruvian men I have ever met, they are also ... Continue Reading