Peru travel July 30 2015-3

Baked cake trip

the Machu Picchu trail is a great way to see Machu Picchu. You see Machu Picchu in a whole new way if you go on the trail, especially the 4 days trail. The food is delicious, every meal and every day. The chef makes an abundance of food, and no one will starve or get hungry. Altitude sickness is cured ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 30 2015

Measle weasel expedition

I started this trip expecting to be a lot more impressed and inspired by the destination itself, but found that the the journey produced a much more desirable experience in that I connected closer with my fellow hikers, the guides, and nature itself. Overall the the trip was an experience of a lifetime, and although there were some moments that ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 24 2015

my Peruvian adventure

My trip to Manchu Picchu was wonderful but also very difficult. The altitude and the rough up and down roads exhausted me but our guide, Jorge, was just wonderful! He found ways around my limitations that allowed me to still enjoy the experience. Sebastian and Beltran, our guides, were very helpful. The food was varied, Peruvian , great quality, and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 24 2015

Wonderful trip

Everyone was very friendly. Our guide,Jorge, was knowledgable, helpful, and fun. He pointed out many interesting things along the way and was able to answer all our questions. Our cook, Beltran, was amazing.
All our food was prepared extremely well, and we never went hungry. The cooking far exceeded any expectation I had prior to joining the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 24 2015-1

The trek was great !!

The trek was great! Our guide was very helpful and informative along the trail, the views were amazing.
The food was excellent and the other staff was top notch, everything went smoothly. We experienced an array of climates, from freezing cold in the mountains to hot and humid in the rainforest. All the people along the trail were ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 28 2015-1

La Familia :)

An amazing, once in a lifetime experience! So many great memories were made this trip. Inca Trail Reservations went above and beyond in ensuring that we had the best experience possible.
Our tour guide Lisandro, chef Modesto, and all of the porters were incredible, making sure our needs were met from sun up to sun down. Lisandro was extremely ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 28 2015-2

La familia !!!

An incredible adventure and once in a lifetime experience. Our guide Lisandro was fantastic and extremely knowledgable.
He truly made the trip an unforgettable experience. We would not have survived a single day without him or our porters. I can't say enough about the staff of inca trail reservations. Our chef, Modesto, prepared wonderful three-course meals in the middle ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 28 2015

La Familia Moore

Everything was fantastic! We had an amazing trip.The food was delicious, each day we had a 3 course meal starting with soup and ending with hot tea, chocolate or coffee.
The porters worked so hard, its amazing that they were able to set everything up and prepare a delicious meal all while we were still hiking on the trail. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 25 2015-1

Fun Inca Experience

The 5 day/4 nigths Salkantay Trek was a great way to experience Machu Picchu and the impressive andean landscape.The tour was very well oragnized, transportations was always on time. The trek is very doable even for people who are not very experienced hikers as there are frequent breaks on the longer hikes.
Our tour guide was a very outgoing ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 27 2015-1

My bucket list

Wanted to always do the hike to Macchu Picchu. And here was an opportunity to do so with an amazing guide-Carlos the mountain king & his group of just as wonderful cook and porters.
We did the 4- day trail and were blessed with good weather everyday.Carlos explained details of all the Inca sites along with Inca history. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 27 2015

My adventure

I'm 11, and I've read about Machu Picchu before. My parents wanted me to do the Inca trail hike. I was not sure I wanted to do this.But I thought it would be fun.
Unfortunately, I was sick on the first day but decide to plow along anyway. It turned out to be a really fun time ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 25 2015

Easy Peasy lemon squeeze

this trip is perfect for anyone looking for a unique experience in South America. This trip was an amazing adventure that allowed me to see the storied Andes first hand and to learn about Incan culture.
The staff was experienced, knowledgable, and determined to provide us with the best experience possible. The trails were beautiful and the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 25 2015


Once upon a time there was a company which offered a great great great trip to Machu Picchu.
Starring: A humorous friendly and caring guide and 8 awesome group members from all over the world. They spent a great time in the nature of Peru. The days were full of hiking, swimming in the hot springs, zip lining, eating ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 25 2015-3

Super dupper hiking tropers

The tour started very well. A great we breakfast in a nice andnean village. The first day hiking was nice and easy - a relaxing intro to the rest of the trip.
Second day was the hardest - but the mist impressive anyway, the whole trip was great. Our guide, Raul, was fantastic - very knowledgable, fun and patient. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 25 2015

Super-Dooper Trek

The Salkantay trek proved to be a truly great way to experience the Andes in Peru.
Although an extremely challenging trek, the guide and the staff members were professional and experienced. I highly recommend Raul as a tour guide. Raul is both knowledgeable about the culture and history of the Incan Empire and is relatable and ... Continue Reading