Peru travel May 06 2016-2

Those Inca’s knew how to trail

The experience I felt was very carefully curated. The tour guide provided great guidance and information on the trail.
He was also very passionate about his inca history, what you'd want from a guide I'd say. The food the porters provided was fantastic, a lot of variation and quite a few hidden tasty snacks. The tent was big, the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 06 2016

Great experience

One of the best things I have ever chosen to do. From start to finish, everything was taken care of by Inca Trail Reservations.
From airport pick up, to a well needed massage at the end of the trek. The porters or 'chaskies' were incredible and made your camps whilst on the trek feel like home. The views that ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 02 2016

Great experience

This was a fantastic experience. The Inca Trail has breathtaking sigths. The porter, the cook and our tour guide did a fantastic job.
The food on the trail was great . Raul, our tour guide, we excellent . We could not have asked for a better staff during the hike.One issue we had was with being picked ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 02 2016

Excellent Inca Trail experience !!

We had a wonderful time on the Inca Trail our guide, Raul and our fellow hikers . The food along the trail was some of the best we ate in Peru.
We had a small group and stopped at several Inca sites along the way, where we learned about the history and culture of the Incas.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 08 2016-6

Master of the inca trail

very impressive trek,been wanting to do this hike for so long and now that i've done it i can mark it in my to do list.
The views from the trek were amazing. woukd easily recomend it to all off my friends. the guide was super nice and knew Lot about the trail and the landscape , plants, birds ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 08 2016-9

Canadian’s aren’t so great in altitude

Very impressive trek, our guide was extremely knowledgeable and interesting to listen to, he was very respectful, understanding that we are not as used to the altitude and volunteered to take pictures for us, his English was very good which helps a lot! .
He would recognize when we needed breaks and would encourage us when needed, ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 03 2016-5

Amazing hard time in altitude

I made the salkantay trek not really knowing what I was getting into it. My friend Danilo convinced me to do this trek at more than 4600m altitude.
I was quite septic at the beginning cause I was never that high, I never went higher than 2000m in my life. At the end, my experience was ... Continue Reading

Peru trip May 03 2016-3

Veil natur und sterne

Wir machten den Salkantaytrek Von 03.05.-07.05. Unsure grippe best and aus funfzehn Lenten und Wir hatten eine me he spas.
Die campingplaetze waren alle sear saucer. Due reset machten war ziemlich kalt. Dee blick in die million end sterne entschadigte aber. Inter webs ashen Wir viel natur und Unser guide Juan Carlos relate rate uns alle wichtigen plate ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 03 2016-2

The Curse of Machu Picchu

I set out on adventure with my two friend to concur Machu Picchu. I had no idea of the adventure I had in store for me.
We backpacked through some of the most beautiful places on earth and concurred the miles and altitude that stood in our way. Our guides were excellent at teaching and keeping us safe. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation May 03 2016

Ajax girls

For the first time together our trail... We will do it again!!! . Everything was oke- great service, lot of information of the history and great food.
It was a great experience sometimes a dangerous trek, even though there were nice views. The first night was very cold, nice sky a lot of stars. The problem was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation May 03 2016-4

awesome nature, moskitos & sunburn ;-)

We went to the Salkantay trek with a well prepared guide, good food and new equipment. We also had an awesome group of fifteen people and a lot of fun during the trek.
On the trek we saw amazing places, specially on our first night. This night was quite cold, but we had a breathtaking view on ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 03 2016-1

Vistas impresionante

La travesía superó mis expectativas. Los guías son muy simpáticos, amables y conocedores del camino y la cultura inca. Ademas la comida es abundante, muy rica y variada. Todos los del equipo son muy serviciales, fue un alivio encontrar todo listo cada vez que llegábamos al campamento.
Algunas partes del camino son difíciles pero se nota que tienen cuidado ... Continue Reading

Peru travel May 03 2016-3

El Miedo a lo menos pensado…

Todavía no entiendo en qué momento decidí hacer esta aventura. Se qué cuando llegamos, no teníamos mucha idea de qué íbamos a hacer.
Cuestión qué de golpe tenia puesta una mochila a las 5.30 am esperando a qué nos busquen para ir al medio de la nada (sin wifi oh!!). Todo fue diez puntos! El paisaje, Los Guías, la ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel May 01 2016


machu picchu ま で の トレッキング は、絶 景 と 共に、 温 か い 美 味 し い ローカル フード も 味 わ え、快 適 な 旅 でした。1 日 目 は 静 か な キャンプ サイト で 満 天 の 星 空 を 楽 しめ まし た。2 日 目 は 山 場 で、4000m の ピーク ま で は 辛 かっ た ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip May 01 2016

For-Eber Number Juan

This is certainly a trip that will forever be a part of me. I have never had so many life-changing experiences in such a short time frame.
It will end impossible to describe the adventure with photos and words, so I would therefore recommend it to anybody. Ever and Juan were the best guides you could ask ... Continue Reading