Peru travel November 03 2016

Awesome crew to do the 3,000 steps with

The experience was one I will never forget I didn´t think at my age and level of fitness I would be able to achieve the 4 day trail but with the support of 2 amazing guides JC and Sergio I made it to Macchu Picchu.
Thank you so much to the porters and the chef on the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 03 2016-5


My favorite experience was definitely Day 2. Although it was a difficult part of the hike, it was amazing to finally make it to the top. The weather was perfect and so was the scenery. I also enjoyed the variety of environments that we traversed over the course of the trek. In the time I spent on the trail, I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 03 2016

Girlpower Inca Trail

I had an amazing time with an amazing group!. Everything was well organized, and I as a Dutch girl liked that.
Our guides Juan Carlos and Sergio were really clear about the day program and are good history teachers (and they are joking a lot). The meals during the day were delicious, and our group loved the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 03 2016

This was such a sexy llama Adventure

I had the honour to be the only guy in the group, together With the Guides Juan Carlos and Sergio.
It was really fun and everything was well prepared and well organized. Our Guide knew a lot about all spots and the nature and he was really funny as well. He made us a family, together With all the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 03 2016-2


The first day was a soft start, a few hours of hiking before lunch, good mix of walking and stopping at historical places.
Got to se some glaciers on the way. After lunch it wasn't that far to the camp. Second day was the hardest, not that many hours but up up up, and then down down down. Definitely ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 03 2016-1


First day nice and slow. Approx 5 h hike, beautiful views and sunny. At the camping place we were kind of on our own which was nice. Tents were big so we could fit all 3 in one, with mi amigas.
Second day was tough. Walking up to the first summit for 4-5 hours. Just up up up. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 03 2016

Sexy Lama Adventure

we started With a Great info meeting, our Guide gave us all the necessary information about Tickets, passport etc.
First day was light, mostly flat way. Second day was the day of suffering With mostly steep uphill, but it was an awesome feeling to get to the top of Dead womans Pass. Our Guides have been super positive all ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 03 2016-3

Let the Good Times Hike

I sit in a pure daze of amazement as to what just happened the last 4 days. I had a general idea of what the Inca Trail was about, but nothing could prepare me for what it truly was about.
The hike, the history, the nature and our tour guides were beyond unbelievable every step of the way (and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 03 2016-4

It Hurts so good!

My feet hurt, but it was worth every step! I loved every second of this hike and I know a lot of that was due to Juan Carlos, Sergio, the porters and Inca Trails!.
The first day my back hurt a lot from my large pack, Juan Carlos helped me adjust my pack and saved me! He ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 02 2016

Best adventure ever

Excellent surroundings for a good adventure. Although I was a bit ill to begin with, the guides still made it possible for me to complete the treck.
Beautiful settings made the treck an absolutely astonishing experience. I have travelled in 48 countries, but there is nothing quite similar to The Inca Trail and the ruins you see ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 02 2016

One of three

After arriving in Cusco, we went to our briefing to meet our tour guides Manuel and Marco.
During our briefing Manuel gave us a good understanding of what the trip would involve and where we were going, not to mention a little taste of our tour guides humor.
From the start of our trip to finish Manuel and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 02 2016

Barbie girls

We arrived at the welcome meeting and were greeted by a smiley face, a tour guide who became our best friend, motivating us through the difficult uphill treks and sharing useful information often!.
Although the trail is challenging, every session is worth the end goal when you see a snow capped mountain or an inca ruin with an ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 02 2016

Inca walk till you drop

We signed up for the inca trail six month ago and we thought we could do it. We read so many things about it, but when it got closer we got more scared.
We went shopping and got all the last things we needed. Once on the inca trail we had the best and a really hard ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 02 2016-2

Three Amigos

I would like to say I have had an amazing time from start to finish. The brief was informative and useful, and gave us the opportunity to find out what to expect and ask any questions.
The start of the walk was at a nice gentle pace which slowly eased us into the challenge ahead. The guides, Mani and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 02 2016-2

Crazy Fun Inca Adventure

From the briefing at the start i could tell it was going to be fun. Our guide Manny gave us a fun light hearted introduction to our Inca trail experience with everything covered.
The Pick up from our hostel was prompt and all went smoothly from there. We met our group properly a short way after the ... Continue Reading