Peru travel April 17 2016-6

Mountain Peru-sal

This experience has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my entire life. I am an avid hiker and this is by far the most difficult hiking challenge I have completed to date. Not only was the scenery gorgeous, but the company is what made this trip so memorable. I went on this trip with 6 good friends from ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 17 2016-12

Alpaca My Bags

The trip was amazing! The first day wasn't too bad, but I was feeling very nervous about the second day.
I didn't sleep well the first night which gave me a bit of anxiety on the second morning. The second day was very challenging, but it was also amazing. There were so many beautiful views and making it to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 18 2016-3

Aventura en los Andes

Este viaje fue en pocas palabras INCREÍBLE, desde el primer día que llegamos empezó la aventura,ver lugares tan diferentes de donde venimos fue impresionante . conocer otros lugares de nuestro país es asombroso.
El primer día fue un poco duro al tratar de aclimatar nuestro cuerpo a la altura me enfermé , pero en cuanto comenzamos con las caminatas ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 17 2016-13


I was very nervous when starting the trek because I had no experience hiking for that extended period of time and at that altitude.
However, the guides immediately put me at ease! They were extremely knowledgeable and loved to tell stories and share their experiences. Day 1 gave me a good idea of what to expect climbing at altitude. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 17 2016-7

Bring Oxygen!

Trekking the inca trail was one of the best experiences of my life. The trail was long and some parts were very steep.
The second day leads you up to dead womans pass. In the higher elevations it was harder to breath! We could only do 15-20 steps at a time before stopping to catch our breath. But the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 17 2016-9

Alpaca my bags

I had been awaiting this trip for a long time and I can now say it was everything I could have asked for and more.
The guides and porters were absolutely amazing and so enthusiastic about the trek and the history of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail. They made this experience the best it could possibly be. As ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 17 2016-6

Llama llama ding dong

The adventure was amazing! The instruction was great. Day one was an easy day, exciting and nice and slow.
Day two wasn't as hard as people have said. I do wish I did a few more steps on the stair master before arriving. The view was worth it. Day three was gorgeous but use sunblock on your hands! . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 18 2016

Perlita en la montaña

Esta experiencia realmente para mi fue de lo Máximo realmente lo disfrute, primera vez en mi vida exigí mucho a mi cuerpo así que fue un reto, los primeros 2 días fue un verdadero reto nunca en mi vida camine mucho como esos dos primeros días y con el frió que hacia todo fue nuevo para mi.
Estuvo increíble ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 18 2016

For Ever we walked and walked

The Salkantay Trek was an awesome experience. I loved all the hiking and did not really find it that hard until the last day when all my muscles were aching like hell.
We saw beautiful views and nature all around us and the roads we took were good as well. Under guidance of ever I had a great time. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 18 2016

For Ever Salkantay

The first day was immediately a blast. After a day of not so heavy walking and some 20 minutes sleep, we got up to a hill where one of the most exciting views could be seen: a lake, behind it rising a big glacier, with on the left and right plains of green.
This was the start of an ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 18 2016-3

50 miles of hiking in Peru

This hike was overall great! We saw amazing landscape and had a very great and unique experience in Peru.
The Salkantay summit and mountain were awesome even though it was foggy and rainy, although quite cold. It is a difficult trek with a lot of rocks to walk over, mud, and quick weather changes but all the more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-3

Good stuff

The First three day of the Machu Picchu and Salkantay trail experience was diverse and included fascinating views.
Particularly enjoyed the first day visit to the lake, the tropical forest walk and the first part of second day trail. The scenery of first night camp site was also amazing. The Fourth day trail of Macchu Picchu experience was more ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016

Hello there people

This is a great trek, you see so many awesome sights. The trek was difficult is some sections but you just go at you own pace.
Getting to the top of salkentay was the best feeling of accomplishment. The changing weather conditions the challenges of the altitude all made for such a great experience. Thanks for everything in this ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 18 2016-2

The slowest hiker in history

Ever, our guide,was fantastic. He was always positive and helpful and knew an incredible amount of history about Perú.
The equipment was first class. The tents were spotless and sleeping bags clean. I was constantly amazed at how good the food tasted considering it was literally cooked in the jungle. 5 star all the way. The hike was also ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 18 2016-6

I’m a Yorkshire Lad Get Me Outa Here! 😉👌🏼

The trek was very challenging but so rewarding! Throughout the trail I experience the most breathtaking landscapes.
The crew we travelled with were friendly and very experienced. Our guide was very thorough and spoke good English. I felt very comfortable with the team and everyone was high in spirits and always up for a good laugh.
The food ... Continue Reading