Peru vacation March 02 2016-1

The trek

I am very happy with my trip through Inca trail reservations. I am absolutely blow away with the service and the professionalism of the organization. Victor was a great guide and did an excellent Job explaining to ruins to us, and his passion for his heritage is literally palpable. I have never had porters before but it is amazing how ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 02 2016

The Trek :)

Absolutely incredible. My friends and I were entering the trip with high expectations that comes with Machu Picchu, this trip exceeded them all! We lucked out with weather which is so important but that was just the cherry on the top.
Our guide, Victor, our porters, our cook, and our group were all amazing. The trail was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 02 2016-1

The Trek !!!

This adventure has been amazing. The food was spectacular, the best I have had since I've been in Peru.
The porters was very motivating and kind with the hard work that they do for us. And last but not least, our guide, Victor, was incredible. His knowledge of the trek was sensational, his humor was great, and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 01 2016-5

Peter Parker Monologues

Trek was epic and you should do it.
That's really all I need to say but I will go on. I'm writing this on the fourth night of the trek and can honestly say that these past days have been some of the best of my life. First of all the views are breathtaking and no photo from ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 01 2016-16

Boxed Wine, Sore Feet, and plenty of unforgettable times!

The Salkantay trek was phenomenal and life changing! Excellently run by all members of the company from the people in the office to the horseman and the fantastic cooks! Most of all I have to thank our talented and capable guide Raul.
Our group could not have asked for a better guide. Very informative about the local ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 01 2016-8

Real adventure

I really enjoyed this five days trekking trip to Machu Picchu. It was a real adventure. Although it was a difficult season due to landslides the team was really well organized and did everything to bring us to our campsites safe and as soon as possible.
I could highly recommend doing this trip with those guys.
My regards ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 01 2016-17

Would do it again

Everything was well organized. Some landslides and broken bridges on the way added a lot of fun to the trek and were handled very good by our guide Raul.
The food that was prepared by our cook under difficult conditions was exceptionally good all the time. Our group was small with only five people and fitted ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 01 2016-8

Riley one!!

It was a great adventure. There was some pretty rugged terrain and gorgeous vistas all along the way.
You have to be willing to walk but that's why I chose this trek in the first place. I'm going to Machu Picchu tomorrow and I suspect it might be the equal to what I've seen so far. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 31 2016

Friendly family

Walking around the mountain with rain, but very happy. The new family with friendship, give help each other.
Machu Picchu but it is not the most difficult part in this tour as it is raining season every day we have to walk. In the rain. Thanks to our great team, which come from different countries, we finally took over ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 31 2016

Tours in the raining

Four days trek with high altitude experience up to 4200m. But it is not the most difficult part in this tour. As it is raining season, every day we have to walk in the rain.
Thanks to our great team,which come from different countries, we finally took over all the difficulties. When we arrive in Machu Picchu, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 31 2016

Days of rain

I really enjoyed the adventure all a round,fun hard wet long are a few words I would use to describe.
It was really nice because the day before I left I for the trek I was hospitalized. Leaving the hospital a day before I left for the trek I had a long list of melds and restrictions for the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel January 31 2016-4


Inca Trail Reservations organized our trek fabulously. From the pre-planning stages through to the end I was thoroughly impressed.
The guides were informative along the entire trek. They were also very encouraging when I was starting to slow down. The food was absolutely delicious! However, what amazed me the most was how strong and agile the porters were! The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel January 31 2016-2

Wet but amazing

The guides explained everything very well prior to departure and during the trip. We were during the rainy season and it definitely rained quite a bit. Our group truly did become like a family after our four days together. The views throughout were amazing and the porters did a lot of the hard work for us. The food was incredible ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 31 2016-1

Trekkin the trail

Hello,Inca Trail Reservations did a very good job organizing this amazing adventure. I have to say the food was amazing and they were very accommodating for my diet because I had a very bad intestinal infection before we left.
The porters are crazy strong and would wake us up with coco tea every morning and when it was cold ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 31 2016-3

Tents, trekking, triumph!

As I sit writing this, back in the land of wifi and electricity, I reflect on four days of trekking in the Peruvian wilderness to reach the mythical Machu Picchu. Wonderful companions, amazing tour guides, superhuman porters and five-star food, the trek is a must and a privilege to experience. It's not for the faint-hearted and I am tired, sore ... Continue Reading