Peru travel January 08 2016-7

The Bucket List Hike

The hike was absolutely incredible and by far blew away any expectations I had! The crew we hiked with was great everyone was very friendly and bonded throughout the journey. What made the trek for me was our guides Paul and Marco, they were super knowledgable and made it fun.
Their stories and history that they shared a long ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016-9

Stairway to Heaven

The Inca Trail was an incredible experience! The tour guides did an excellent job of relating Incan history in an interesting way throughout the trek.
The Trail was challenging yet so rewarding when accomplished. Anyone can do this as the guides allow you to go at your own pace. The food throughout the trek was very good ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016

The best treks

Had an amazing time trekking the inca trail. It was a lot of hard work and think I will be aching for weeks but the views you got throughout were amazing.
I have never been in such varied scenery, one minute you a trekking through the Andean mountains and the next you are trekking through the cloud forest. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016-10

Inca nutters

I really enjoyed the trekking experience. Not only were the sites great but the mystery surrounding Macchu Picchu and the INCA's, told by our guides were really interesting. Also we had some (historic) entertaining INCA games after a couple of difficult hikes that helped a lot 😀.
The tour guides helped us get through the difficult climbs ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 08 2016-2

Move those lazy legs

The Inca trek was probably the hardest thing I have done physically but also the best thing! We had such a great group of people and were lead by the most amazing guides, who were knowledgeable, interesting and very funny.
Nobody was ever left behind and no one was ever held back we were all able to go at ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 06 2016-3

Great fun :)

The story begins on an early morning ,The protagonists still tired, The sun not yet burning,
But the boys ready to catch the incandescent inca fire. At five they set out, Ready to wander about.
Sir Winston was the leaders name, strong and always there to offer a ready hand,
His heart impossible to tame, Towards machu ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 06 2016

The cultural experience

Really enjoyed the hike. It was great fun going with a group of friends - we shared funny moments and supported each other along the way.
I was very impressed by the level of effort put in by the cooking staff to prepare our meals. The dedication of the porters, their camaraderie and good cheer, made up ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 06 2016

An Ancient civilization

The Inca Trail was tougher than I expected but it was a very fulfilling way to visit Machu Picchu.
The focus of the trip was definitely way more than just the Machu Picchu inca site itself but rather the history and culture behind the Inca(s) as an ancient civilization itself. This can only be achieved, I believe, through the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation January 06 2016-1

No Pain, no gain

It was an awesome experience to walk on the Inca Trail and get to Machu Picchu.Beautiful mountains, inca sites and people, including the guide, porters and teammates. I would definitely recommend this to my friends. The second day was really tough because of high altitude though.Every meal was best prepared, and the porters were so kind and helpful. 😄 😄 ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 06 2016-1

Great adventure!

Great adventure! Really enjoyed my hike and experiencing the tour of the inca sites along the inca trail.
The most difficult part of the trek was the dead woman's pass - but it was also the most memorable! The Machu Picchu site was amazing!!! What really made the hike all the more enjoyable was the service provided by the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 06 2016-1

Machu Picchu Helado Adventure

The hike that both my friends and I went for was a truly unforgettable experience. From the outset, our guide Lisandro was always willing to assist us with any questions or issues that we had.
In addition, he was extremely helpful in us the history of the different inca sites that we visited. The food for all 4 days ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 06 2016-2

Chiba :) :)

Wonderful experience!!! . I am very happy with the tour operators and it was very fun thank you very much It was memorable and i can't waItto enjoy this hike again even thought he second day was really hard with the altitude !!!! . the food was very , the porter were friendly and helply all the time . ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation January 06 2016

Unparalleled experience

This has been a trek of a lifetime. What an unforgettable inca trail with so many inca sites that absolutely blew me away.
The pace of the hike was perfect for beginners and/or experienced hikers since the guide does an extremely good job of assessing the group's abilities. Never did I have a moment of doubt in my mind ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip January 04 2016

Inca Couple

Amazing experience, fantastic job. Marcus was a great guide - he obviously enjoys his work and has a deep understanding of Incan history. We signed up for a physical challenge that turned out to be a very interesting educational experience.
The porters were also truly unbelievable. it is obvious that they are the army ants of the inca trail. ... Continue Reading

Peru trip January 04 2016

Inca Couple in Peru

It was the most adventurous experience that I shared with my boy-friend. Inca Trail Reservations did a great job orgazinizing this trip starting from first communication vĂ­a email and phone and ending with bringing us to Machupicchu site.
The trail is not an easy one, but our guide and the team made it as comfortable as possible - variety ... Continue Reading