Machu Picchu trip September 16 2015-2

Test your limits

Amazing guides. They are always happy. Delicious food with GF options. :) Gorgeous views. The trek was challenging and it will tested me, but worth the effort.
I met great people from around the world. Lots of laughs& smiles. Also tears and pain. The group was amazing and helpful. The hot springs were wonderful after three days of hard ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 16 2015-1

Please take our picture!

The pain, the lack of air, the heavy breathing and the extreme beating of the heart, it is all so worth it! .
The guides are amazing and their humor and the way they motivate makes the trip even better. Carlos was our guide and he is such an amazing guide, always happy. The food is great, got nothing ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 16 2015

Well planned wicked adventure

if i knew what i was up for, i would have turned around at the lima airport. But i did'nt, and soon i look back on the greatest achievement so far in my life .
And a lot thanks to our amazing guide carlos- what a champ!! Always a smile on his face and super helpful in every situation. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 20 2015

Holy shiznit!

the trail was difficult to say the least, but the experience is an amazing one and a once in a lifetime opportunity to really learn what you're capable of.
the reward is really worth the challenge and once you aspire from the difficult parts, you see beautiful scenery and respect the history of the Incan tribes! 100% worth it ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 20 2015-4

Trip of a life time

I loved hiking through the Andes Mountains. Each day got better and better. I was in awe of the beauty of the mountains.
Day one started with 2 bus rides, and then we started our hike. We hiked for short while before lunch then hiked on an easy up for another short amount of time.Dinner was amazing.
... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 20 2015-5

B.S. :)

The Machu Picchu adventure was amazing! It started during day one when we got on the bus and met our excellent porters, great guides, and the fun group of people that would be traveling with us.
After a short nap (bus ride) we arrived to the entrance and we're off! I'm not sure we were all prepared mentally or ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 20 2015-10

We did it!

This was the first multiple day hike I did and I think I am addicted now. I was impressed by the views. I am very happy I, and the rest of our group, did it.
A lot of respect for the porters, setting up the accommodations and the cook for the very good food. We had very nice ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 20 2015-5

Trip of a lifetime!

Machupicchu has given me the trip of a lifetime! Although the trek took much effort, it was worth every second.
The guides and porters were so helpful in making this trip such a wonderful experience! The porters made me feel like royalty at every meal and I always felt that I was cared for by my guides.
Edwin ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 20 2015-3

Surviving fearsome llamas of Macchu Picchu

this experience was nothing short of transformative. You are missing out on life if you do not book this trip. Edwin is the best guide.
Make sure he is your guide too. I had the time of my life. And i never felt this way before.. Yes i swear. It's the truth And i owe it all to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 20 2015-7

“Little by little”

I'm not much of a hiker and have only done 4-6 hour day hikes back home, so the 4 day Inca Trail trek was a bit of a stretch for me.
With that being said, I had an incredible time on this trek! Our guides, Edwin and Jimmy, were so kind, patient, and accommodating even when I was tired ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 20 2015-5

Step by Step, Greeted with Kindness

Machu Piccu is awesome, but what made this tour phenomenal was our tour guides and the group we hiked with.
Edwin, Jimmy, and Emilio were angels on this challenging hike! It was always a sigh of relief when I saw their faces and they gave me strength to keep going when I thought I couldn't take another step. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 20 2015-6

Best hike of my life !!!

wonderfull 4 days hike on the inca trek. Everything was perfect : the guides, with a lot of good explanations.
The porters, who did a wonderfull work for our comfort. The cook, who was a miracle maker: we had food we don't have in most of hotels. The trek was also incredible, with the best vues I've ever ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 20 2015-7

out of civilisation

Das war die haerteste Erfahrung meines Lebens, aber meine beiden "Engel" Edwin und Jimmy haben mich ueber den Dead Women Pass gebracht.
Vielen Dank fuer diese Erfahrung. Die Gruppe war ganz toll und unsere Porters haben uns begeistert mit ihrer Schnelligkeit. Fabian servierte uns die feinsten Speisen, die uns die Kraft gaben dieses Abenteuer zu bewaeltigen.
Die ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 20 2015-8

Merci beaucoup!

muchas gracias por todo!no se puede imaginar lo que representaba para mi. Hace 20 anos que estoy sonando del Machu Pichu y ya esta hasta luego para hacer algo otro (putukusi quisas?!).
Thanks again for all this, I'll remember those moments for a very long time!please keep people make aware that this territory is very fragile and still ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 20 2015-3

Edwin is Chill

Experience of a lifetime. I will never forget these incredible four days - they were challenging but so, so rewarding.
We had the BEST tour guides and porters, amazingly delicious food, the most diverse and down to earth group, and beautiful views all around.
The four day trek makes it all worth it and makes you appreciate Machu ... Continue Reading