Machu Picchu travel September 30 2014-4

Sharing with my new family

What a fantastic adventure ! I would recommend this trip to anyone who is looking for a challenge and reasonably fit. Email correspondence with the reservation office was prompt and very helpful. Once I arrived in Cusco there was a meeting that explained the general scope of the trek and meet our guide.
Raul was a great guide, very ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 30 2014-8

Disco and Chuchaqui

I have had the best trail ever ! Even before arriving at Cusco, I was impressed by the very quick responses via email and when I decided to change my tour dates the last minute, that was no problem at all. The briefing before the trail was excellent and the guide, Raul, is really great. He is not only very ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 30 2014

Inca gold

The trip was awesome ! Raul was a great guide. Trekking on the Salkantay was great. The trail was not too crowded and we didn't see too many other groups. The food was amazing ! not only was it delicious, but the presentation was amazing (swans and turtles).
The staff always had the camp set up and ready when ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 30 2014-4

Pleasing environment

Professional and organized tour operation. Raul was a very patient, attentive and mesmerizing guide. He held my hand in the scary bits and always had extra tissues when it was cold. The cooks made delicious meals with elaborate decorations. Nothing better than a vegetable turtle to greet you after 12 km of hiking in rain.
When I started the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 28 2014-4

Salkantay 5 day

I had an amazing meet with the mountains. At the start we had rain, but it was not really cold. The first day was beautiful, but I was tired.
The second day with the trek to Salkantay mountain was great, an adventure. On the Salkantay pass was really cold and snowy. On the downhill we had rain, it was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 28 2014-5

I survived !

We have just completed the Salkantay trek and it was truly incredible ! Exhausting but incredible. Our guide Juan Carlos was fantastic - hugely patient when the going got tough, hugely informative about the trail and the Incas and great fun to be around. Huge thanks to Marco, the chefs and our horseman too - a fantastic team ! The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 28 2014-3

Inca Trail

Je me suis preparée durant plusieurs mois pour faire l'inca trail et je ne le regrette pas, c'est une aventure incroyable. La veille, je n'ar pas rèussi a dormir tellement j'etais excite par cette aventure. Nous etions un groupe de 8 personnes et tout le monde etait tellement sympa, le guide aussi, on a bien rigolé. je rêvais depuis longtemps ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 28 2014-1

Walking an ancient trail

On the Inca Trail I was exposed to the culture of Peru. It was an amazing experience that tested me to the core. The scenery and ruins were incredibly beautiful and well worth the while. It was amazing how the porters would clear up after we left then run past us and set up for the next meal or night. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 28 2014

Inkan delight

Food glorious food. I thought I would be losing weight on this adventure but Inca Trail Reservations put on an excellent banquet every lunch and dinner. Breakfast wasn't that bad either. Every meal seemed to have different dishes from Peru. Amazing how the best food eaten in Peru was on this tour at the remote Incan campsites.
Carlos our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 28 2014-1

Incan magic

The famous Inca Trail organised through the Inca Trail Reservations company, no less. A well organised preparatory meeting with appropriate information set us up for an excited early start, a long bumpy ride, and two tired and hungry kids. Porters, eager vendors, green rolling hills backed with mountains and bustling organisation greeted us on arrival. After a quick passport check ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 28 2014-1

The Machupicchu thing

Legs aching, stomach growling, head aches far from going away three things that are imminent when going on this four day journey. It is hard to forget this life changing experience and even harder to do it in four to five hours like the ancient Incas but it is no problem when your guide is Carlos (the king of the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 28 2014-3

The three brothers

My brothers and I had been planning this trip for 2 years and was perfect. We enjoyed the service, the amazing views and the guides. Highly recommend doing the hike to Machu Picchu !
The hike to the summit on the second day is pretty difficult because of the elevation, is over 15,000 feet, but we enjoyed every minute ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 28 2014-2

Nature, hard work and great sights

This hike was not the easiest thing to do, but certainly worth it for the sights and the great company. We met a few people from our home country and abroad, and got to know them along the way.
This trek is less traveled than Inca Trail so you will feel a little more along in nature. I had ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 28 2014-1

A great alternative to the Inca Trail

We missed the opening to book the Inca Trail tour and instead opted for this route. Based on the more difficult hiking and less traffic, it appealed to what we were looking for. I'm happy to say that we weren't disappointed and felt like it was a great experience overall.
The second day is definitely tiring, but very satisfying ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 24 2014-1

Trekking over 70

My adventure was spectacular ! Our guide Johnathan was excellent. His English was perfect and his knowledge of everything Inca was substantial.
Johnathan was so good to my niece even bringing her lunch one day. He also assisted her in her journey by taking her backpack and carrying it himself. Then he grabbed her by the arm and escorted ... Continue Reading