Aussie bloke

The trek over the Salkantay pass was everything I had hoped for and more. Each day was filled with different scenery and landscapes that were breathtaking! The cook Benicno did a great job cooking the food along the way which was exceptional and always more then we could eat! Eloy the tour guide was informative, funny and made the trek ... Continue Reading

Aventura increible

El Camino del Inca fue un desafio muy importante para mi, vine a terminar una formacion expiritual conectandome con nuestros antepasados y us sabiduria. La experiencia fue muy extraordinaria. Todo salio muy bien , el grupo de personas que me toco fue muy lindo, la comida increible. A mi criterio deberian estudiar y buscar mas informacion sobre la civilizacion que ... Continue Reading

Inca group minions

Bonitos Dias hemos vivido. Me encanto poder compartir Este camino (duro, muy duro) con este maravilloso grupo, creo que me voy aprendiendo un poco mas de ingles y algunas palabras tipicas jajaj. Y he probado los mejores platos ! Gracias a todos por esta inolvidable experiencia, tanto a los chasquis que sin ellos no hubiese sido possible mi llegar. A ... Continue Reading

my heart full, my soul purified.

My heart is so full and my soul is purified. What started as a vacation turned into a journey of adventure, new friends, and self-reflection. my experience with inca trail reservations is without a doubt an amazing one. Right from the start, the staff was attentive to all our needs and requests. Also they made sure to qualm any fears ... Continue Reading

Unbelievable Adventure

The four day Inca Trail Trek was outstanding! Throughout the trek, our guide Marco was extremely knowledgable and helpful. He understood the different levels of the trekkers and was very patient with me (and I usually trailed behind!). The food cooked by the cook was also better than expected (good presentation, plenty of variety, and delicious). I also can't forget ... Continue Reading

Minister of lobsters

The trip was amazing and our guide Marco was very knowledgable both about the trail itself and the inca sites along the way. The food was great and every meal was fresh cooked. The porters were very friendly and fast, beating us to every lunch stop and camp site. Machu Picchu its self was amazing and once the clouds cleared ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail Machu Picchu Baby!

To start off I would like to say that my experience was absolutely amazing. With the many vacation I have been on I have never enjoyed myself so much as I have on this one. Not only was I able to emerge in a culture unlike any on the planet but I learned so much from my tour guide Marco. ... Continue Reading

Sexy Lama

Definitely an awesome experience tour guides and porters were awesome. Food was great who could expect to get a three course meal in the bush. Very well organised also. Its one of those one in a life time experience. Lots of Lamas and those norwiegins were tough! Hot a bit tierd but the crew were very encouraging!! I couldnt beleave ... Continue Reading

Inca trail

The trip is amazing. Without my guide I couldn't completed the very challenging and encouraging definitely recommended for those who love to hike. Once in the life time is worth to try . During the second day, I wasn't able to breath and the high attire problems hits me. On my way up to the mountain my boyfriend and ... Continue Reading

Peter Pan

Walking 4 days to get to Machu Picchu was a life time memory. It was good to have you guys. Especially the second day I almost gave up. I am so proud of our team to finish the trail together. Thanks for everything you guys have done for us. I will cherish it for a long time. Thank you thank ... Continue Reading

Wonderful Crew! wonderful cohikers!

I want to give the Inka Trail Reservations crew, especially team captain Paul a five star rating. This is my second visit to Machu Picchu but tracked the Inca Trail for the first time. Tracking the Inca Trail enjoying the beautiful scenery along the trail was an indescribable experience. The superb leadership of Paul and the assistant leader (his name ... Continue Reading

2 gringos and some koreans hunt for MP

Well organised once the tour had started (some of the pre tour emails were confusing). Wilbert is fantastic - he is very knowledgeable and has great stories to tell. William and Wilbert obviously both care about the clients. The trail is fantastic and we did the Right amount of walking each day. The pace was great and we didnt feel ... Continue Reading


An excellently planned tour. Food was excellent but did drop off in quality compared to the start towards the end, possibly owing to weight. Our guide Wilbur was excellent. Extremely knowledgable, friendly and his excitability was very enjoyable. His assistant guide William was very helpful and friendly, and as his English gets better I'm sure he will become even more ... Continue Reading

No Holds Barred Inca Trail

The trek was great. The crew took great care of us all. It was a bit testing but Paul and Edsun helped a lot. I suffered bad cramps in my leg and Edsun accompanied me while I was slowly struggling my way through the trek. E next day my leg situation had worsened and Paul and Edsun helped me by ... Continue Reading

Inca flat from here on out

Este viaje fue el regalo de Navidad para nuestros nietos de diez años. Aunque llevamos una vida activa en las montañas de Colorado, aunque entrenamos antes de venir, y aunque nuestro hijo menor hizo el camino Inca dos años atrás, nada nos preparo para esta experiencia. Los guías me ayudaron a planear el viaje desde el momento en que lo ... Continue Reading