Peru vacation October 09 2014

Believe the hype

After so much hype I was concerned that the Inca Trail would not live up to expectations.
I could not have been more wrong.
This is the most beautiful hiking I have ever done !
Believe the hype !
Inca Trail Reservations were great, the food on the trail was amazing.
It was better food ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 09 2014

Difficult but enjoyable

Hike was perfect, as hard as I anticipated. I definitely had to mentally prepare, the second and third day were very difficult. 3000 steps is hard on the body, but the good thing is you never feel rushed.
They were with us every step of the way along the whole trail. Big ups to Victor for going back to ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 07 2014-3

Exhilaration every day

October 2014. Hiking the 4 day Inca Trail... a dream come true. I knew it was going to be tough but didn't realize I would struggle to get enough air as we ascended so many stairs and ache as we descended many more but the exhilaration I felt as I reached the destination each day was worth the discomfort ! ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 09 2014

Best group

Awesome. The organisation did everything they needed to do. The booking went very smooth (all info via email fast answer back), info meetings before the trail, the whole Inca Trail (4 days) awesome support and information about ruins and nature. The guide Victor spoke very good English and funny as well.
I recommend to do some training before this ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 07 2014-3

Great guides, fantastic food

I had an incredible Machu Picchu experience. I went on the Salkantay tour and my guides were Americo and Pepe. They were both absolutely awesome. Very good with keeping us all positive and happy even when the trek was super difficult. They were both very knowledgeable and offered us great information with every place we visited. They also answered all ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 07 2014-8

Push your limits

Day one started with fear and trepidation of what was to come as our van crested through the Rocky Mountain range but it was Pepe and Americo who reassured us that we would make it through the five day trek that would test our strength and push our limits.
On day one as we trekking in the Andes I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 07 2014-2

Salkantay fun

This was a challenging and rewarding experience for me that really showed me the real authentic Peru. The tour was action packed and well organized. The tour guides were wonderful and were concerned about my safety. The people of the tour were also amazing.
The food was well made and thoughtful. It was my birthday during the tour and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 07 2014-6

Excellent Salkantay experience

This was an excellent trek for the price point. It was perfect for both avid campers wishing to be a bit pampered or those who don't necessarily have all the gear. It was nice to fill a full day with hiking and activities then to arrive at camp with tents already set up and food prepared for you.
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Machu Picchu trip October 07 2014

Amazing experience

I had a wonderful experience with Inca Trail Reservations / I did a lot of research before choosing a company to go with and had great reviews and I had a friend used the company a year ago and enjoyed her experience as well.
I thought that the service, food and equipment was all very good. I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 07 2014-3

Prepare yourself

Apu Salkantay demands mental and physical strength. The adventure is well worth the challenge. I recommend this expedition to anyone that is physically fit. The experience will leave you feeling accomplished and stronger than ever. Prepare yourself by training, sessions on the stair master would be my recommendation.
Arrive in Cusco several days before departing on the trek to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 07 2014-2

We got engaged !

I was very nervous going into this trek because I had never done anything like this before. At the briefing it was nice to meet the others and go through every day hour by hour. Americo and Pepe were extremely nice and did a wonderful job making all of us feel very welcome.
The food was amazing everyday and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 05 2014-3

Breathtaking trip

The Salkantay trail was one of the highlights of my three month trip around South America, the guide Raul made the experience one of the funniest I had during my trip. With the group being made up solely of males, it included its fare share of banter in which Raul was the one egging us on.
The trail itself ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 01 2014-1

Experience of a lifetime

I thought the day trips to all of the Inca ruins would have prepared me for Machu Picchu. But as Machu Picchu comes into view, it takes your breath away. The trip was all that I had hoped for.
Carlos was an excellent guide; imparting great knowledge of the region and history of the Inca civilization. Pepito was wonderful ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 05 2014-1

Conquered the Inca trek !

What an amazing experience doing the Inca trek, words can do no justice how great it is. Carlos (the king of the mountain) was a fantastic guide and the porters were incredible. We came home after a long day of trekking to a full 2 course meal and tents all set up and a friendly welcome.
I was lucky ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 05 2014

Conquered the Inca Trail

Had an amazing experience. Had a great trip leader, Carlos the King of the Mountain. We were very fortunate to have a great team with porters, cook, etc. They are truly phenomenal. The views and experience is sensational. I can see why it is a wonder of the world !
Don't expect glamorous toilet conditions but in truth it ... Continue Reading