Peru travel August 19 2016

Family Camping Trip

When I first signed up to trek the Inca Trail, I had no idea what I was in for. It was my first time to Peru, to South America at all, and from start to finish, Inca Trail Reservations made my trip smooth and relaxing. Mabel was efficient and helpful in answering questions, booking my hotel, and arranging rides from ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 15 2016-4

Potatoes, Slowpokes, and Ruins Galore!

While this was one of the most challenging things, I have done, Inca Trail Reservations made it clear and easy. Aside from a somewhat hasty orientation, everything was well planned, and since there were a lot of cities and modes of transportation, that made it so much easier for us.
In terms of trek itself, I was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 15 2016-3

Snake Way

This was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life!. I have vertigo and during day three I was terrified; looking down the side of a mountain can take your breath away both figuratively and literally.
One portion of the trail reminded me of Snake Way from the Dragon Ball series and helped me ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 15 2016

Pushing Past My Limits

Hiking the Inca Trail was an amazing experience. It pushed me to my limits but made me realize what I am capable of doing. Victor, our guide, was fantastic, supportive, funny, and passionate about Incan history. The cook and porters made the experience less rugged; the food was impressive and the porters were motivational as they ran past us with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 17 2016

Amazing Trip!

Wow. The Inca Trail has left me absolutely speechless. It was paced really well- getting to experience different environments each day while still covering several miles was awesome.
The first day got you acclimated for a rigorous and scenic hike up Dead Womans Pass on the second. The third day offered up a unique oppurtunity to hit ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 17 2016-1

Never again!! 😉

Loved the guides and loved the inca trail. My favorite ruins were the Winaywayna. Machu Picchu was awesome but crowded.
I really liked the adventure of hiking to all these ruins that can only be reached through the inca trail. The food was way better than I expected to be eating on a hike, it actually felt ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 17 2016

Very Great Trip!

Very much enjoyed the trek. Every guide, porter, and the cook were really great. The meals especially were great both in food and being able to socialize with the guides and group members.
The best day was day 3 because of the amount of ruins and its relativo ease compares to the day before.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 13 2016-1

Höhen und Tiefen nicht nur im Sinne von Bergen

Der Salkantay ist ein wunderschöner Wanderweg zum Machu Pichu. Die ersten zwei Tage verliefen bestens, leider hatte mein Magen im zweiten Basiscamp etwas an der schönen Tour auszusetzen, sodass ich in der Nacht zum 3 Tag stark erleichtert wurde.
Starken Geistes bin ich am 3 Tag die 15 km mitgewandert und habe auf alle Essenseinheiten verzichtet, leider ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 15 2016-1

Jorge for President!

My girlfriend and I signed up for this trek not fully knowing what to expect. Well, we learned quickly that this was a challenging, yet rewarding experience.
You truly get a taste of the Peruvian culture. We were lucky enough to be blessed with an amazing guide, Jorge who was able to answer our questions and provide ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 15 2016-1


Eu esperava que o tour fosse muito bom, e no final foi melhor que eu esperava. O guia Jorge foi muito atencioso e prestativo. No final o grupo inteiro se torn ou uma familia, inclusive o guia.
Todos nos divertimos bastante e superamos so desafios juntos. Um de nós passou mal por uma infecção de uma viajem anterior ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 13 2016

Über Höhen und Tiefen- DIE Gruppe, Von Fremden zu Freunden

Die Entscheidung diesen Trip zu machen war definitiv die Richtige! Jorge unser Guide und meine Gruppe, die ich erst vor Ort kennen lernen durfte, machte dieses Erlebnis zu etwas ganz Besonderem!.
ZunÀchst war ich sehr besorgt wegen der Höhe und dass ich vielleicht krank werden könnte. Doch dann hatte ich es am zweiten Tag bis zum höchsten ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 15 2016


Impressionante do inĂ­cio ao fim. Desde o primeiro contato por e-mail eu fui muito bem assistido.
A empresa realmente foi muito eficiente no que se propĂ”e a fazer, por mais que o valor seja bastante acima da concorrĂȘncia. No entanto, o valor pago valeu muito a pena. O nosso guia Jorge foi simplesmente fenomenal. Foi realmente um professor ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 15 2016

The Americans need packers!

Popcorn, chocolate & amazing views- what else could a girl ask for?! . This was a once in a lifetime trip which exceeded all expectations !!.
Jorge went above and beyond as a guide with his thoughtfulness and knowledge. I was able to receive a full dose of Peruvian culture with wonderful people across the world. The ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 14 2016

I only did this for the t-shirt

I never thought that I could climb anything ever... Maybe that should have encouraged me to do some training. In the end it didn't matter because the team were all so encouraging... Claps and high-fives from everyone when you achieve anything! It's a little thing but it keeps you going.
Everyone raved about the food because it ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 14 2016-1

Pain is Just Weakness Leaving the Body

Where to start? How about Henry? He was entertaining, encouraging and informative. He was a great leader!.
He knew just what it took to help each of us get he best out of ourselves and the experience of walking along some of the most beautiful and, at the same time torturous trails imaginable. Okay, torturous might be ... Continue Reading