Machu Picchu travel August 02 2016

Great trip

I really liked de trip ! .The first day was good to do. The second day was a difficult one going up for a long time and then down.
The third day was a more relaxed day. We've stayed at a very nice campsite! Because we stayed a camping site earlierer then we should we hat to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 02 2016

Great Inca Trail Experience

The trip in total was really, really good. The guides were good at dividing the group, so that everybody got a good experience according to fitness level.
The food was amazing - this was really a high light and we were in general very expressed with the porters. They are working very hard. There was a change ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 21 2016

Great adventure

The salkantay trek was great adventure and it did not disappoint . Over the 4 days . I saw some of the most inspiring view , incredibly diverse the majesty of Macu Picchu .,
Really the trek is difficult and will challenge you in every way possible , but with keen guidance of our knowledgeable tour ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 29 2016

Sal- yes, we can -tay

The Salkantay trail is the most beautiful trek I have ever done. The (seriously uphill) hike to an icy lake enclosed by mountains on the first day was an absolute joy.
Swimming is free by the way, if you can handle the temperature of the water (a balmy 2.5 cm). The second day was a real ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 29 2016-1

Amazing adventure

The Salkantay trail was an amazing adventure for me. The nature was mind blowing and the trekking exhausting.
These last four days were a big test for me. I have seen many highs and many lows, but it was worth it in the end. First, my friends and I were thinking about doing the Inca trail, but ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 29 2016-2

Lifetime experience

A once in a lifetime experience. Although many reviews on the internet talk about Salkantay trek as one of the hardest in the world, i can't completely agree. Surely it shouldn't be taken lightly, I was afraid when the bus stopped and we needed to start walking.
Our guide rony put us quickly at ease. And when the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 29 2016-1

Salkantay trial trail

If the mosquitos would have left me alone, it would have been perfect. The Salkantay trail is hard and you will suffer a bit but you just have to enjoy all of it. There is a good mixture between nature, relaxation and fun! The food and the service were excellent, with friendly and outgoing staff. They will be unforgettable, as ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 29 2016-2


Amazing time and incredible adventure with our guide Henry and the rest of the crew !!
Henry was very informative and also well educated!.
They madre our adventure to be just beyond our immagination !!. will never forget the time spend on Incredible Inca Trail !!! . Thank you all and God Bless Peru! Pachamama ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 29 2016-3

Milky Way

I did Inka trek , 4 days , 3 nights. It was a big adventure for me . I am soo happy , I did it.
I was worry about the altitude sickness, but I pass the highest point.Henry , our gid was so pasión with us, he has a lot of knowledge about peruvian and inka history. A ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 29 2016-4

Milky Way Stars

The trail was amazing, i can recommend this trail to everyone. Our guide Henrry loves his job and he explained every historic place very nice.
He was never in a hurry and took the time for every single question i had. I had the feeling that he loves the job and he was able to explain me the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 29 2016-8

Milky Way stars

We had the pleasure to experience this inka trail for 4 days. It was an impressive adventure and we had even the honor to learn a lot about all different inca places besides Machu Picchu.
Besides the beautiful inka buildings Henrry, our guide, gave us many insights into the inka culture which made this whole trip unforgettable ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 29 2016-4

Milky way

This is for me the same my amazing adventure
I happy to Saw the same beautiful and great Mountain in the world and the same majestic place Machu Picchu. The trail was difficult ,but so interesting and unforgettable that I will be remember many long time.I am Happy to meeting our guide Henry.hi explained so interesting and was so ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 29 2016-7

Milky Way

This trail was one amazing moment in my life! We all together 6 people were very happy, because Henrry was our Gyde!.
I am happy that I saw Machu Picchu and so difference things from Andy mountain! Henrry was the best Gyde I meeting! He explained us very,very interesting and a lot beautiful. He told us very ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 28 2016

Jammy breakfast

Wow what an amazing time. The whole trip was spectacular from start to finish. Our guide Wan was very attentive, sometimes funny but very knowledgable.
The walking was hard in places but the amazing scenery more than made up for the burning lungs. You have to have big lungs to get up dead woman's pass. The food ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 28 2016

Jammy Breakfast

We had a fantastic trip of a lifetime,made even more special by Wan and the amazing porters. The food was restaurant standard it was quite incredible how they managed such wonderful food with such basic resources and equipment, all carried with us !!.
Dead Woman's Pass , day two was really hard but well worth it. I ... Continue Reading