Peru trip March 10 2017-1


The trip to Machu Picchu was an unique experience that will stay be me for the rest of my life.
This was my first time hiking for more than a day. I can honestly say that it was one of the best experiences I have had thus far concerning my travels. The highlight of this trip for me was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 10 2017-1

Almost impossble trekking on Inca trail

Nice guide, porters, cook and definitely amazing experience. It was a good and unforgettable experience to trek on this trail. This is one of my dream trail.
The views along the way are spectacular. Our teams are fantastic. I would definitely recommend this 4 day trek to everybody. It is worth every minute trekking on this trail. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 10 2017

Great awesomeness

It was awesome!. Very tiring but the food was fantastic and I was super impressed with the porters. Juan was a good tour guide!.
He knew a lot about the history of the inca trail and made it interesting to learn more about. My favorite part was dummying dead woman's pass and also getting to the base ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 08 2017

Acetazolamide is bae

Hardest hike I've ever done but it was completely amazing experience. We saw some rain and some sun (mid March) along with beautiful views and some sightings of animals like llamas and hummingbirds.
The tents are Marmot - roomy and kept us dry during the nights. Not to mention the porters were all very accommodating and the cook prepared ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 08 2017

Muchos sullpayki!

This was a wonderful trip: the most strenuous but also the most rewarding and beautiful hike I have ever taken.
Right from the start, information was abundante and the focus on the incan culture and way of life a main focus. Our guide, Víctor, was knowledgeable, humorous, and extremely helpful, and our staff incredible y polite. The food, ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 08 2017-1

F***, Im going to die

Wow!.What an adventure. Víctor was the best tour guide iré Ever had. Between Víctor and the rest of the crew, i had a very enjoyable experience.
Víctor mantienes a very positive attitufe all though out the trip. The good was very good as well. I was Amazed at how well the food tasted and how eficient ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 08 2017-2

The singing pumas

The machu pichu adventure with the inca tour reservation was a fantastic experience. The hike was very challenging along with the altitude.
The inca tour reservation made a very challenging hike, an enjoyable one. Being one who hasnt camped very often, the food and tents bring set up were crucial. The food was exclellent after the long hikes ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 08 2017-4

Great adventure

A great adventure. One of the most challenging of my life! I really enjoyed the time in the treaking!! It was a great surprise, I never though of doing this treak in my life!! I will surely recommend to my friends to come and try it!.
I wasn't prepared enough, but I really made it! The team ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 08 2017

Nice huallpas¡

I had a great time on the hike through the inca trail. The hike was more difficult that expected but It was all worth it.
The views were amazing, unlike any views i have ever seen. Our tour guides Víctor and Jackson were awesome, they were súper knowledgeable and motivatimg through out the entire hike. On top ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 08 2017

Llamas in the mist

I had an excellent few days crossing the inca trail under the care of Vincent. The terrain and distance was just about the right level of difficulty and emphasis was placed on taking it at your own pace, which meant it was possible to choose sections to walk with others or to head off on your own.
... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 08 2017-1

I died at least 4 times

The trip was amazing overall. 10/10 would recommend doing the hike. 10/10 would not do it again.
Our guide, the company, my fellow hiking companions, and the breathtaking views make the fear of dying 100% worth it. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience that you cannot dream of.
The trek started okay on the first ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 08 2017-2

Extravaganza Extraordinaire

This trip was absolutely amazing. This was the best hike I have ever been on and I have Inca reservations to thank for that.
The guides, porters, everyone was so nice. The amount of treatment was just right, not so much that I felt pampered but enough that I was relatively comfortable. It definitely helped that ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 07 2017-6

Amaaazing, but never again lol!

The experience is impossible to describe, definitely something everyone should do once in a life time. Make sure you pick a very good agency to provide you comfort, information, food and protection.
Our tour guide Cesar was the best , he would run in the front with the fast guys and walk all the back to make sure I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 07 2017

Here’s a llama there’s a llama

This was a trip of a lifetime, one of the best treks I've ever completed, except with the added value at the finish lies one of the most prolific remains of the old citadel Machu Picchu. For me this makes this whole trip unique to any other.
The guide was excellent and the porters carried our camping ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 07 2017-3

Machu Picchu

First off I want to say Caesar was an incredible tour guide. Showing and teaching us about their culture.
This trail is a good way to test your physical and mental ability. The porters were outstanding, and was amazed how fast they could move through the mountains in any weather. The cook also supplied us with incredible tasting ... Continue Reading