Machu Picchu vacation October 12 2014-12

One down, six to go

You have seen the pictures of one of modern Seven Wonders of the World. Correction, you have seen the picture of Machu Picchu, but it does nothing to capture the sheer beauty of the Andes. There is a reason Inca built their great city in this place. It was a sacred place to them. The sense of the place is ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 12 2014

Hiking the Inca Trail

What started out as a dream vacation definitely finished as one as well. My group of 10 coworkers, who set off to hike the Inca Trail had trained (in varying degrees) to be able to successfully endure the long steep hike at an altitude that continued to take our breath away after every few steps. I had attempted to hire ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 12 2014-5

Good choice

The hike was beautiful and it was very enjoyable. The porters and cook were awesome, and our guides were amazing. The ruins along the hike were amazing. The dinners were awesome, and the hike was a nice challenge. I like the Inca Trail Reservations company it was a good choice.
Definitely get a porter for the trip. The guides ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation October 12 2014-2

Inka Trail and Machu Picchu

Loved this trip ! Inca Trail Reservations did a fabulous job for us and I would highly recommend this company for your trip of a lifetime. One suggestion would be for the meeting time the day before the hike begins, be at an earlier time in the day. 6:30 pm is too late, because we still had to eat dinner ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 12 2014-2

Bucket list adventure

My four day trek started with me losing my head lamp at the first check point. Good thing that my friend Michelle had one ! What a great group of people to spend four days with.
The first day we got to ease into our hike. Our guides were fun and seem to be having such a great time ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 12 2014-3

Challenging adventure

This was the best experience and the most challenging experience of my life. I came with my best friend and a great group of people but the guides, Carlos and Hilton, made this trek the best it could possibly be. They kept us motivated and happy the whole four days.
The trek was a big challenge but the nature, ... Continue Reading

Peru travel October 12 2014-6

Hike forever

It was an adventure of early wake-ups including rooster cross on the second morning. The scenery was beautiful and our porters carried coraza weight across the mountains to have camp set up before we arrived. Carlos and Hilton would give us good estimate of time left and fun but informative information on the hike and Inca culture.
The hike ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 12 2014-3

I got engaged to the King of the Mountain !

Wow ! What a journey... From the beginning to the end I did not stop smiling, even through the pain of the million Inca stairs ! The best 4 days of my life. Carlos and Hilton were amazing. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. Carlos and I got engaged as we crossed over the Sun Gate pass. I now have ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 07 2014-5

High times

It was a hike that fully exceeded all of my expectations. When we booked our Inca Trail hike I expected the highlight to be Machu Picchu but it turned out the whole hike was amazing. With the amazing weather , great guides, epic scenery, tasty food, unexpected ruins and good company. The whole experience ended up being so much more ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel October 07 2014-6

Breathtaking, literally !

I've tried to find the words that do this trip justice... And all I'm left doing is wiping the last words out and restarting ! Victor was an excellent guide - there were only positive thoughts on this journey and as a result, awesome weather. Jorge kept an eye on any stragglers and the porters were amazing - couldn't have ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 09 2014-2

Holiday of a lifetime

So before I came I was apprehensive about camping and trekking again, its been a while, we have a young family. Where can I start to explain the experience I have had ?. From the briefing to the last day I have found it all five star standard.
The guides were very informative and it was so good to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation October 09 2014

Chico time

Let me tell you about me and my family, we had an amazing time on the Inca Trail.
We had the chicos from Brazil who where amazing, the South African chicos where amazing too, the American chicos where awesome, the Dutch chico kept us entertained, the English chicos where cool, then there was Jorge the step daddy chico who ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 09 2014-1

Ball breaking

This trip had been planned for over nine months. We did a lot of research and thought we were prepared for the upcoming hike. To our amazement this was a lot more than we expected. The first day was a great hiking day (let me say the weather was fantastic) it was what I expected, enjoyed the landscape.
The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip October 09 2014

Great company

Machu Picchu was a bonus, the four days trekking was the real treat. We had brilliant weather, which of course is not guaranteed nor promised, this made the views absolutely stunning especially on the third day. The second day was tough but I felt a real sense of achievement once we settled back at camp with hot chocolate and popcorn ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip October 07 2014-7

Inca Trail team

This was an amazing awe inspiring adventure. I found the whole trip to be well organized and well planned. The guides were friendly and informative and inspired all the hikers to become part of one team. The strength and fitness of the porters impressed me but the size of their packs also left me with some sympathy.
I have ... Continue Reading