City Girl Does Inca Trail

Great Adventure! Great trail that is challenging but can be hiked by many different skill levels. Great staff that was friendly and supportive if all the hikers. The food was delicious and the porters were very helpful. The camp was always out together by the time we arrived. Everyone was very helpful and willing to provide advice. The trip was ... Continue Reading

A great experience

Our Inca Trail experience was unforgettable! It was a great opportunity to meet people from around the world, learn about the history of the Incans and the culture of the porters. The views were beautiful, the people were interesting and the food was delicious.
I learned so much about Peru and the quechua people that i did not ... Continue Reading

Getting to the top of Salkantay !! .. :)

I had a really time on this trip.Highlights for me include getting to the top of Salkantay.
Additionally, it often seemed arbitrary what we needed to pay for and what we didn't . Thanks you for providing such a lovely trip!!!.Very tough but so satisfying once we got to the top. I am not a very experienced climber but ... Continue Reading

It has to be!

We had a great trip on the Incan Trail with Jesus as our guide. It was challenging, but the beautiful sights made all of the hard work worth it. Each day brought a new challenge and numerous breathtaking views.
The landscape seemed to change with each step. The porters and chef did a wonderful job of making camping ... Continue Reading

A Grueling Hike…and cake too!

Jesus and his team did a great job helping us to conquer the Inca Trail. Jesus coached and encouraged us every step of the way, while the porters and cooks provided more practical support. Who could expect a celebration cake at 10,000 feet after 3 long days?
Despite facing a truly tough challenge, Jesus and team encouraged, ... Continue Reading

The land of a thousand steps

What started out as a plan to see Machu Picchu blossomed into a plan to trek across the sacred land of the incas. eight of us set out on the trek with our willing and able guide Jesus.
A few of us were amateur hikers and found the 4 day trek grueling but enjoyable. Never before have i seen ... Continue Reading

No more steps please!

We were well informed before and during the hike. I received many email communication before the trip. Every night after dinner we would go over next day journey and what to expect. The food was great and plenty.
The trail itself definitely wasn't easy. Being the slow one in the group, our guide was always patience and never ... Continue Reading

The Andean Flats

Day 1 began very sunny and very exciting. Juan Carlos, was very informative and fun to hike with. He showed us so much passion and knowledge for the Inca culture. The The first Day was a nice introduction to the hike that was coming. Day 2 brought the thoughest Day with a long uphill battle however this was very rewarding ... Continue Reading

Inca trail playboy

The hike was a little bit harder than I thought it would be but regardless it was amazing. Playing soccer with the porters in the evening and having them kick our butts was an experience all on its own.
I ate more food on this trip than I normally eat back home. The meal portions are massive. It's impossible ... Continue Reading

Endless Stair Adventure

I throughly enjoyed the Inca Trail hike. At first o was very nervous as i was expecting the worst but it wasn't too bad. There were alot of stairs and i dont kind doing uphill but i can't stand doing the downhill parts!.
I really appreciated all the service we received from our porters. I can't imagine How we ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail 2015

This journey was the most amazing experience I've had. Juan was an excellent guide. Very informative and helpful as well as funny and encouraging. The Inca trail experience was wonderful. I could not believe the view of the mountains from the trail as well as the incredible Inca sites along the way. The hike was difficult at times. Day two ... Continue Reading

The best experience of my life

The best experience of my life. I had a great time. Juan was an Excellent guide. Very knowledgable and experienced. He made the trip a pleasure to be on this trek.!
The porters and chef were also amazing. Always very friendly and happy to be there. They are very impressive people carrying all that food and gear ahead. ... Continue Reading

Sexy Lama Adventures

WOW!!. This trip was an unforgettable and amazing experience. So many good memories were made with good friends and new friends. The guide made the atmosphere during the trip always inviting and comfortable. With the support and encouragement from the guide during the trek, it made the accomplished hike even more rewarding. Thank you Inca Trail Reservations!! I will always ... Continue Reading

The Trail that kicked my butt

My first day had me scared that i might not survive the trek. It kicked my butt more than i thought it would.
However, the second day was the hardest. I was encouraged to take my time and i did and was rewarded with an intense feeling of accomplishment when i reached our campsite and was rewarded with ... Continue Reading

Experience of a lifetime !!!

where to begin when describing an experience of a lifetime. Prior to the trek I was exciting, anxious,nervous etc .. But when it came down to it I couldn't have been more ready.
The Inka trail was hands down the hardest, most amazing experience in my life. Completing the Inka trek has changed me forever and I couldn't ... Continue Reading