My trek to Machu Picchu

I have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu - who wouldn't? Of course when, with whom, how, are questions we contemplate. I settled on a guided hike with Inca Trail Reservations because my brother trekked the Inca Trail a couple of years prior with this company.
From the start the company was more than helpful, accommodating ... Continue Reading

Not everything is bigger in Texas!

Boy ole boy!! Words cannot begin to express the awe inspiring journey that my group has just completed. Breath taking mountain views, lush vegetation, five star gourmet camp food, and an experience that will last a life time. This will be one of those trips that you will be bragging about to your children one day.
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Amazing Adventure!

The trek is not easy but very rewarding. It's hard to believe the sights you get to see. The Second day is a killer but you definitely feel very accomplished at the end. Our guide Victor was extremely knowledgeable and shared a lot of cool facts with us. This is a must do! Machu Pichu is one of seven wonders ... Continue Reading

The Hike Of My Life

Where do i begin, i supose i can start from the end of my adventure this time to make sure everyone understands how greatful i feel while im writing this review and having a nice cold brew. To start my whole body hurts and I don't want to even tell you about my smell, the last day would have to ... Continue Reading

Adventure of life

I have been having a dream to visit Perú for a long time. once I booked a trip and planned a trip to visit Machu Picchu, I couldn't stop thinking of how exciting this experience is going to be. My experience was above all the expectations. The food was phenomenal, I couldn't believe that we were getting treated as the ... Continue Reading

Best Hiking Experience

First let me say that this was the BEST hiking experience. The hiking is just beautiful, and the food is exquisite.
We also had the best trail guides (Victor and Marco) Those two tour guides make you feel like your in a big family. The hiking is very fun, but very strenuous. It's a lot of work but it ... Continue Reading

Adventure of a Lifetime

We had the most wonderful experience. The beauty on this Salkantay trail is breathtaking. The trail is adventurous, exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Though the trip was definitely hard the experience out weighs any hardship felt (on my legs;)!! .
Our tour guides were absolutely wonderful!!!!!! They were kind, generous, and caring. They were able ... Continue Reading


We all had a great time with Inca Trail Reservation on the Salkantay trek. The general feel of the group is one of family fun and camaraderie, making your way up mountains, enjoying the hot springs and finally making it up to machu Picchu on the final day. We had booked to take the bus up, but I wanted to ... Continue Reading

Coca Leaves

Thanks for an awesome 5 days Victor, Marco and entire team! Made everyone feel like a family. Whole team was very professional but also very personal. Took care of everyone's needs.
Favorite day would be the second day, it was very challenging but the most memorable. Started with at least 5 hours uphill hike to elevation close ... Continue Reading

A Perfect Experience

From the very beginning, the experience was flawless. I recommend booking with this company!
Every member of the Inca Trail reservations were kind and accommodating. Patricia, who helped us with the reservations, was quick and effective at answering our concerns. Victor, our trail guide, was the very best. He was attentive, thorough, and very patient. He did ... Continue Reading

Great Time!

If you had any questions about who to book a tour with to see Machu Picchu I would highly suggest booking with Inca Trail Reservations. They give the upmost service and are very caring to everyones specific needs. The Salkantay hike itself was absolutely amazing. The guides knew the trails very well and even offered shortcuts for trekkers like me ... Continue Reading

The best way to see the Andes

the most perfect mountain experience. Our guides Marco and Victor were patient, good natured and great fun. You won't believe the quality of food the guides can knock up on a windy mountainside. From glacier to jungle, the trek was constantly surprising and even in the brief moment of rain we laughed our way to the next camp. The first ... Continue Reading

Fast times on Camino Inka

This was truly one of the hardest and most trying experiences of my life, but our helpful porters and Cook made the experience as comfortable as could be humanly possible. I could not forget to mention our amazing guide, Abby. She made the trip interesting, lighthearted (even when we wanted to quit) and entertaining but also kept us informed of ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail

It was a lot of hard work, but It was great. Every body was encouraging and It was a great experience to be with such motivating people. The guides and porters were all very kind and great people to go on this trip with. I wasn't as prepared for the long days as i thought i would be, but that ... Continue Reading

I Survived!

For someone who walks less than 3000 steps on a daily basis, the Inca trail was no easy feat! Thankfully the guides were amazing, Marcos and Edgar! They were patient and kind, ever so encouraging and understanding. I wouldn´t have been able to do it without their help. Furthermore, I had a great hiking ´family´. It was truly an epic ... Continue Reading