Machu Picchu travel November 24 2016-1

Colonial Periodo

The Inca Trail was the hardest thing . , I did in my life , I have liked and couple , a lot , but the altitude was really difficult , for me especially on the second day as south America . , I always wanted to see ¡¡¡ Machu Picchu !!! and thinks that the only way to do ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 24 2016

Amazing experience

The briefing was very clear what to expect , The guide always encouraging , there to help with bags .
The Inca Trail was the healthiest , They I've ever done , I don't thinks , I could have done it without the sopport at juan carlos and Edson .
I never thought, The food ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 24 2016-4

Amazing travels

This was probably one of the best travel experience , I have ever had . The guides was really profesional , nice and patient ( especial with gringas ) , The food and the organization more amazing .
I would definitely recommend this company " Inca Trail Reservations " tour to anyone wanting to travel to people . ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 24 2016

Inca Trail is very “positive”

My overall experience of Inca Trail is very "positive" . Juan Carlos and Edson where from start on invalued with the whole group and they try to make you Inca Trail .
Juan Carlos and Edson used humor ,clear in to and make sure every body could make it to the tap .
The food was ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 24 2016-1

Machu Picchu at sun rise

Sometimes , You embarle an a trail which you wan't forget . Y ou meet new friends , push your limits and catch Machu Picchu at sun rise !! .
The Trail was really fantastic and rewarding thanks to our guides , Juan Carlos and Edson and our chef and porters . They all get an Attention ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 24 2016

knowledgeable staff

The briefing was very knowledgable staff. My experience on the Inca Trail with Juan carlos and Edson was very great .
They were thoughtful of our hiking experiences and was patient encouranging .
They were knowledgable , tought me a lot us of the trail about the inka history and culture . The equipment was great ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 24 2016-1

kaede Sakata

It was brief and helpful to plan whole trip . The guide was energegic , caring and funny , We love them . Thanks a lot for wonderful arrangement and management for the entire tour !!! .
I didn't expect , I could eat such nice peruvian foods during the trail ! . I really appreciate !! ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 24 2016


The guide Juan carlos explains very thing funny and good english connect's people with each other .
Overall personal experience . Amazing !! . Juan Carlos and Edson as from undividuals who are travelling one big family . No judgements and helping eachather . It's agilt if you can connect people like they do !!! .
... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 28 2016-3

Broken down and put back together a better man

Inca Trail Reservations couldn't have organized this trip any better. From the start we hit all the main attractions and got valuable history lessons along the way.
A very unique perspective is given by Paul because he teaches you what academia teaches in school and he also shares the accounts from local cultures.
The trail itself ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 28 2016-3

Stony walk

It was pleasure being part of the group and this adventure. It was well organized and I sit here after 4 days of hiking with absolutely no regrets. Memories will last lifetime and I can't thank inka trail reservations for being part of it.
The hike including the history lessons along the way helped us understand ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 28 2016-2


If I could I would give this company 6 stars out of 5! . A brilliant company and the operator (Paul) had everything perfectly timed.
We made it to the camp sites, ruins along the places and final Machu Picchu stop at the best time possible. They took care of us like a family and it's honesty ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 28 2016-2


Absolutely amazing trip with these guys. Everything you'd want from an inca trail trek. Tough but definitely worth it.
Great food provided. The tour guides are awesome, great banter during the whole trip. The tour guides also provided a great perspective on the history side of the whole trek/inca civilization, which was great.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 28 2016


Had an amazing time with inca trail reservations. Tour guide was very helpful and friendly and made sure he explained the historical sites properly.
They had detailed knowledge of the trail and Machu Pichu. Also ensured everyone stayed together at all times and made sure everyone was safe. Food was good for the hike, well prepared ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 26 2016

The No Shower Power

The Inca Trail has so far been my favorite experience of Peru. I have done some hikes before and have always been fond of nature walking and the like, but never on this scale. This hike is massive! However, the 4 days of trekking the 26 miles (or so) with all the varying degrees of scenery and climates makes this ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 26 2016

Do the Inca Trail

The Trail was fanstastic. The Guide was really kind and explaned a lot. The food was amazing, we even had cake one night.
It is defently worth walking the 4 days. Even thoght the bathrooms are sometimes not the most welcoming ones ;) . All in all i would do it again. Best experience on mytrip so ... Continue Reading