Machu Picchu travel April 14 2015-3

Oso de llamas sexy grupo

Although the trek is long and arduous, the last two Incan sites are well worth it. Coming over the Sun Gate in the morning is a breathtaking experience. I particularly enjoyed doing the trek with two of my best friends. Once you get used to waking up early and using the "restrooms" things will go much more smoothly.
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Peru travel April 12 2015-1

Life lasting memory

Beautiful Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in 4 days / 3 nights. Well organised, very good food, friendly guides and porters. When ever we reached the next camp, everything was ready - from tea, to snacks to a rich meal and tents.
A lot of Inca sights and stunning views on the way. Enough time to absorb the rich ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 13 2015-3

Llama tell you about this trip

Our group trip was amazing ! I went with a group of 5 people. We were greeted warmly by our guide upon arrival and the amazing service never ended. Amazing food, well organized, incredible views, and ever lasting memories. I recommend hiking Machu Picchu with this tour group any day.
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Machu Picchu trip April 13 2015-1

Save a llama, ride a horse

This adventure was great from the beginning. Ewe managed to survive multiple days hiking in the pouring rain but always ending up making it to the end. The second day was definitely hard but Juan Carlos made sure to make sure we would be okay getting to the summit - even got us horses so we would make it ! ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 13 2015-1

Trip was definitely not llama

This trip was so amazing ! Probably one of the best trips I have been on. Juan Carlos did an amazing job guiding us through the various my piles of mid and rocks along the trail. The first and second days were definitely the hardest. The food was excellent. The chef Damien was very friendly and very creative - he ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 13 2015-5

Far from llama !

This was a great adventure ! The hike was definitely challenging. The second day is the most difficult. You have to be prepared for the various climate changes. However, the trek was well worth it. The views were spectacular. The service was amazing.
The food was so fresh and delicious. There was always a good variety, and they really ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 13 2015-3

La hoja de coca no es una droga

This trip was absolutely amazing. Juan Carlos was the best guide that we could have had. There was amazing food along the whole trip. Our cook was phenomenal his name was Damien.
The trek was a little bit difficult on days one and two however you can make it. All you need is a bunch of cocoa leaves and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 13 2015-4

Yo Llama

Signed up for this trip at the last minute after not being happy with another group's sketchy pre-trip info and policies, and was so happy we did. Everything was very well coordinated from start to finish. We got plenty of information on the itinerary and packing suggestions, and a prelim info session in Cusco.
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Peru travel April 13 2015


Salkantay, com um bom guia e um bom chefe de cozinha ė espetacular. Uma experiência inesquecível e de enorme aprendizado. Cada um no seu ritmo e sempre com pensamento positivo. A caminhada cansa, mas a paisagem ao final, os detalhes e cada explicação tornam a trilha um desafio espetacular.
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Peru vacation April 13 2015-2

Como se llama

This trip was great from start to finish. Our adventure began in Cusco with a thorough orientation. We met our guide with a prompt and friendly pick up from our hotel after a free transfer from the airport.
Our guide was knowledgeable about the trail, the culture, and the history of the areas. He did a great job of ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 12 2015

I have an Inca’ling you will love it

In one sentence the tour was everything I expected and more ! Having done the 4 day tour, the views each day were incredible, with 6 different Inca sites before we even got to Machu Picchu. Being woken up at 5:30am each morning with a coca tea and a cooked breakfast was a great start to the day, and there ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 12 2015-1

Even Frodo would be envious !

This trip was everything we hoped it would be ! We were a little apprehensive when Googling for Inca Trail companies and, after reading some reviews, chose Inca Trail Reservations. We were not disappointed ! The pre-trip service was excellent as we were regularly updated regarding our train and trail bookings and the staff were always available via email or ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 11 2015


This was the most incredible experience ! Everything was so well planned, Lisandro (our guide) was fantastic, and the porters were so kind and made the whole trip smooth. The food was over the top - they routinely gave us 3 course meals that were better than I cook at home, and they even baked a cake !
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Machu Picchu vacation April 10 2015

42km of hard steps

We meet on day 1 full of excitement and wonder first meeting of the group and it starts well, we are told the first day is easy but by time we get to camp, we are all thinking if this is easy how are the other days going to be, knowing day 2 is a very hard.
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Peru trip April 10 2015-1

Peru at 50

What an exhausting but utterly rewarding experience. Made all the more enjoyable with ever cheerful and encouraging porters and guides. You certainly can't do better than have Carlos the King of the Mountains.
Day 1. Gentle stroll and a gentle puff
Day 2. Heavy breathing with altitude
Day 3. Sore feet with 16 km covered
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