The Inca Trail was so good! I thought it would be very tough but I got trough. The guides are very good, they keep you safe and teach you a lot about the Inca culture which is so interesting. The surrounding is great and the views just amazing.
If you finally make it to the Sun Gate and Machu ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail

I signed up for the Inca Trail not knowing what to expect and it turned out to be an amazing adventure. Hiking the Inca Trail was a true physical challenge. I was lucky to have been placed in a group of wonderful people with a very passionate guide (Edson).
I recommend Inca Trail Reservations as a tour company. They ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu

Day 1: Woke up early and was excited for the trip. It was colder than I expected but the weather heated up and it was a very nice trek. There was a part that was up hill and it was more difficult than I expected. Great views, though.
Day 2: Day two was very difficult but it was ... Continue Reading

Peekaboo Picchu

The trip was absolutely incredible. I didn't know what to expect at first but Edson and Hilton helped the whole time. While it was one of the most challenging physical activities I've ever experienced, it was by far the most enjoyable. The porters were incredible, I've gained so much respect and admiration for what they do. The chefs also were ... Continue Reading

The time I died

When I started the trip to Machu Picchu I thought that I was a strong man. I was not. After the first day I realized that I was in over my head. Nothing was right, but I made it.
The second day would be the day that I died, or would have if it was not for Edson and ... Continue Reading

Trip of lifetime

Talk about adventure. This is not my typical vacation but was the most rewarding thing I've ever done.
Day 1 was not too bad but was beautiful. Day 2 was very tough but reached heights I never thought I could. Day 3 was the longest and challenging as well but very scenic. We visited 4 Inca sights. Day 4 ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

Day 1 - I was nervous as I was informed it was going to be an easy day, but had trouble.
Day 2 - Edson and Hilton were great and continued to inform me I can get passed the difficult 2nd day.
Day 3 - This day was very long and strenuous, but they really helped break ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail adventure

The first day started a bit rough because I hadn't slept nearly enough even though Eddy told me I should. We arrived at the trail and began our march. I had no idea what I was in for. Somehow I made my way through the first day and thought that I had survived the first trial. The second day began ... Continue Reading

Inca Trail hike

My overall experience hiking the Inca Trail was excellent! The views were spectacular all along the trail. The Andean Mountain range is incredibly diverse. Our guide was very knowledgeable about the five different microclimates encountered along the trail; we stopped to hear about each microclimate's fauna and flora.
The food along the hike was delicious. We ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu

The guided tour of Machu Picchu was wonderful. The guide, Jonathan Flores, was extremely knowledgeable and friendly , took the time to explain in detail the various features of the site, and gave us the time to explore and take pictures on our own.
I really appreciated that he went over the different theories about why Machu Picchu may ... Continue Reading

Amazing Incas

Wow, what an adventure !! Once you get started with the hike, you forget about everything else and just concentrate on the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. The hike was hard for a person like me who wasn't to hiking, but not too hard. It was an amazing experience to actually feel you conquered the trail, and sometimes feel every ... Continue Reading


We traveled three girlfriends together and had been looking forward to our trip to Peru for almost a year . Especially the Inca Trail trek the high point of our journey and the trek was amazing as expected.
Everyday of the four trekking days was a new fantastic experience. The mountains that surrounded us at all times and the ... Continue Reading

Inka experience

I walked the Inca Trail from the 11 - 15th of July 2014. The Inca trail was so beautiful all the way. I loved the views of the Andean mountains and the Inca ruins. The campsites was likewise located very beautiful. The chef made so delicious food. So many different dishes.
The guide Jonathan was very good and he ... Continue Reading

Walking the Inca Wall

I walked the Inca Trail (aka. the Inca Wall) with Jonathan and Pepe as guides in July 2014. We had the best trip! The treks were both up-hill, down-hill and Inca flat. The guides were very funny and had a large knowledge about the nature, the trail and the history of the whole trail.
When we got to Machu ... Continue Reading

Do it !

I went on the Inca Trail in the winter 2014 and it was an amazing trip. Four days of hiking and three nights at different campsites. All the campsites had amazing views, but not always amazing sanitary facilities :)
For the trail I booked a porter, which helped me to enjoy the trip in a good way. In total ... Continue Reading